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My Dermal Filler Experience with Yap's Clinic

I actually did wake up like this, thanks to Dr. Yap! #nomakeup #nofilter #howisthispossible #nofacetuneeither

Hey guys, wow it's been a hot minute since I've blogged and it feels great to be back on my keyboard typing away again. I've also recently made my way back onto YouTube, you can find the link to my channel on the side bar if you please.
So since this is my first entry back to the blogosphere, let's talk about something kinda taboo yet loved by many... aesthetic surgery!!!

I am certainly not new to this if you've been following me for a while, as I have posted my experiences with different clinics in KL over the years for various botox injections (if you haven't read them, just type 'botox' in the search bar). But since I've now relocated to Melaka, I had to look for a new doctor for my aesthetic needs. A bit of a google search later, I came across Yap's Clinic and their facebook page filled with happy customers' reviews, and the rest was history.

I've been going to Dr. Yap Hong Keong for botox treatments since 2018 and am definitely a proud return client, not only due to his professionalism and perfectionism, but the great service provided by his beautiful wife Sharon and friendly nurses has kept me loyal all this while. I have paid for all my botox treatments done by Dr. Yap myself, and have always wanted to get fillers done on my undereyes for quite some time now, but never dared jump the gun because they can be quite pricey and there's a chance I could react badly to it. But when Dr. Yap offered to do it for me free of charge for an honest review in return, I didn't even need to think twice because I truly trust his skills and knowledge to give me the absolute best result.

So on the day of the treatment, I headed to the clinic early in the morning. You can have makeup on or not when you go in, its totally up to you, but most of my makeup was wiped off during the procedure so I would recommend you to go barefaced. Before the consultation with Dr. Yap, the nurses took my 'Before' images, and I was then ushered into the doctor's office where he examined my face and explained to me exactly what he will be doing and why. Basically, he recommended that I get my cheeks and tear troughs filled, these treatments will turn back time for me and give me a more youthful appearance. Losing my pregnancy weight really quickly after I gave birth also took away the fats on my cheeks and made them look sunken, which makes me look constantly tired.

Having a cuppa before the treatment begins. Yap's Clinic is super cozy and clean.

As always, Dr. Yap was very reassuring and his confidence sure did rub off on me which made me feel nothing but excitement for the final outcome. His nurses laid me down in the treatment bed and set me up for the procedure. I did not get any numbing cream applied to my face, I don't get them for my botox treatments either because the pain is bearable for me personally. Dr. Yap did inject local anaesthesia on the 2 entry points being the top of both cheekbones and that did numb the pain quite a bit, I could still feel the pressure of the needle but nothing too uncomfortable. 40 minutes later and it was all done! He also did inject a tiny bit of filler on my chin to balance out my uneven chin which I didn't even notice I had, which says a lot about his perfectionist persona, and that's definitely one of the top qualities I look for in my doctors, because I am not about to trust my body to someone who's gonna do a half ass job and call it a day.

The fillers he used are from the brand Teoxane and are meant for different parts of the skin. For my cheeks, he opted for the Ultra Deep to place the Hyaluronic Acid deep within the fat compartment so that the fillers are undetectable and would look more natural. Whereas for my tear trough/undereyes, he placed the fillers right under the epidermal layer.

There were only 2 entry points (1 for each side) so you don't end up with holes all over your face, and they merely look like zits right after the procedure, yay for zero downtime! My skin did feel sore to the touch for a few days, and the entry point on my left side was bruised just a little bit which healed in about 3 days or so. However, my right side and my chin had no bruises at all, and the entry points completely healed in day 2.

I am extremely satisfied with the result. It is subtle enough yet still makes a huge difference. Just FYI, I had concealer and foundation on in the 'Before' pictures, and I had no base makeup on in the 'After' shots.

Here are some selfies I've taken on the first and second day post treatment, no facetune/filter/makeup, and all under natural light so you can see the healing process:

My skin looks so plump as if I have 12 hours of sleep and drink 75 glasses of water every day. I am 14 again.

Before I end this post, here's a little disclaimer I feel obligated to write. Please don't feel like you have the need to get any kind of cosmetic surgery done because of what you see here or anyone else, get it only because YOU want to and it makes YOU happy. I wish my experience here could be helpful for you to make your own decisions whether you choose to or not to do it. Also, for those who do not condone any type of facial reconstruction/modification, you are allowed to have your own opinion, but please do keep them to yourself and don't suffocate people with your own beliefs, as you have no idea what exactly goes on in a person's life or mind, just let people live their life and do what they please with their body ok? Ok.

With that said, here are the links to where you can find all the necessary info regarding Dr. Yap Hong Keong and his clinic:

***EDIT: Forgot to mention the fillers can last 1 to 1.5 years depending on the individual.

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