Sunday, December 17, 2017

Little Innoscents Products Review

Not too long ago, Little Innoscents reached out to me and sent me a bunch of their products to try out, and potentially share my thoughts about them on the internet. Before this encounter, I have never heard of their brand but forgive me as I'm still considered a rookie at motherhood. Yet when they highlighted the fact that they are an organic brand created by a fellow mom from Australia, it sparked my interest and I decided to give Little Innoscents a go.

I can't say that I'm a full "organic" convert, but I try my best to give Bradley (my son) the purest and most natural as I possibly can. Knowing that all Little Innoscents products are carefully selected to be gentle for my baby and me (yes! they have amazing products for the moms too!), which is ideal for eczema prevention and other skin allergies, I feel at ease when using them on my baby's delicate sensitive skin.

Now, I'm not an expert on this and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but the reason why you should always go organic if the situation allows is because depending on the size of the molecule, nasty chemicals has the potential to penetrate the three dermal layers of our skin and could also enter directly into our blood stream. For some people, this can result into many forms of skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis just to name a few. Certified organic products like Little Innoscents' are scientifically tested and proven natural and organic, this not only means that you can have a peace of mind while using them on your little one (or yourself), it is also more environmentally friendly as their products are designed to degrade rapidly. If you're interested in knowing more into this topic, you can visit their website by clicking here.

With all that said, lets get into some of the products that I am loving from them!


What I love most about Little Innoscents' stuff is that all of their products can be used by the entire family, which first of all is a great thing when it comes to packing for a trip (everyone knows there's no such thing as "travel light" when you're travelling with a baby), and there's also lesser chance of your baby getting an irritation from what you use on your body especially for the breastfeeding moms out there. This all-in-one product smells divine and is gentle enough to use daily, yet not losing its ability to effectively remove dirt and grime. One con I'll have to point out though is that the packaging isn't the most suitable for its watery consistency. Too much flows out once you open the cap, so to prevent wastage, I transferred the product into an empty pump bottle which allows for better control.


I'm running really low on this lotion and I believe that says it all. Bradley has super sensitive skin and is prone to eczema, and he also sleeps in an air-conditioned room which dries his skin out even further if I don't keep him moisturised at all times. I've been applying this all over his body after each bath and his skin stays velvety smooth and so irresistible! This ultra nourishing lotion is infused with avocado oil, sunflower oil and creamy shea butter, but is free from mineral oil, petrochemicals and parabens. It also has a beautiful scent of floral Ylang Ylang.


Essentially made for baby bottoms, this nappy cream is easily spreadable and it worked extremely well even in humid countries. We recently brought Bradley to Taipei which is known for their crazy high levels of humidity, and I used this cream on him after every diaper change to provide some sort of a barrier from all the moisture and he managed to stay diaper rash-free during the entire 10-day trip. But what's more worth mentioning is that since I get eczema on my thumbs whenever I travel, this cream provided me with the extra nourishment for my peeling and chapped thumbs.

The above mentioned are my Top 3 picks, so if you were to try out Little Innoscents for the first time, these are the products I would recommend you to pick up. But other than that, I would also like to give these following products an honorary mention.

HAIR FUDGE - Perfect to keep those unruly flyaways at bay. Especially when you're just recovering from postpartum hair loss, and those newly grown baby hairs of yours seem to have a mind of their own. This hair fudge has zero nasties so you don’t have to worry about getting it on your little one.

SUN LOTION - Water resistant for three hours, this unique formulation protects you and your baby from the harsh, drying sun. Say bye bye to nasty sunburns and enjoy your quality time outdoors!

MINERAL POWDER - I personally don’t use powders on Bradley because of how messy it can get, but if you prefer baby powders for your little one, please make sure it is 100% talc-free like this one from Little Innoscents.

MILKY WHITES TOOTHPASTE - Bradley hasn’t started brushing his teeth yet but I can’t wait till he can so I can try this toothpaste on him! It is a natural, calcium-rich, fluoride-free gel that’s also free of surfactants, artificial sweeteners and mineral oil, making it safe to swallow.

But these are just a few of their rapidly expanding product range of course!  If you’re from Malaysia and you’d like to purchase Little Innoscents products, click here and it will redirect you to a list of their stockist.

If you’ve tried out Little Innoscents before, let me know in the comments which product is your ultimate favourite!

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