Saturday, January 14, 2017

Taipei Food Diary

Falling more in love with this city every time I visit.

Funny story. When I was 26 weeks pregnant (I'm currently in my 30th week), my doctor advised me to cut down on unnecessary calories because my baby was a little overweight (just on the higher end of the normal spectrum).

So even though I was still able to eat a lot of the Taiwanese delicacies during this trip, behind all the yummy food pictures was me laying out a powerpoint presentation to convince my husband to let me order an extra side and listening to his nagging, or just sneakily eating out with my friends while he was away.

My husband also developed a new tactic which is to pretend to really enjoy the food we ordered, and quickly swallowing most of it so that my food intake is lowered. This is definitely one of the bigger sacrifices he'd made because his pants are getting tighter and tighter >.< 

Dazzling Café's honey toast and truffle fries. Husband ate most of it of course, because this is considered "unnecessary calories" to him.

This was from a pop up Japanese food hall in our neighbourhood mall, which is now unfortunately gone (the food hall, not the mall).

椰香鸡肉闪面 from 云香亭.

Omaya, which supposedly should be good, but it wasn't as spicy or flavourful as we would like. Wouldn't recommend having this in Taiwan if you like your dakgalbi spicy.

阿宗面线 - every tourist's must-try.

博多拉面 - very yummy ramen, thanks Pauline for introducing!

陈三鼎青蛙撞奶 (basically fresh milk with brown sugar pearls) + KFC egg tarts = perfect tea time combo.

Breakfast egg rolls and sandwiches from Loco Food 乐口福. Do expect a long queue if you visit during the weekends.

蓝家割包 + 玉米排骨汤 (my husband's ultimate favourite comfort food).

南坎拉面吧 Ramen Bar (my kinda comfort food).

That completes it for this post! I definitely ate more than what's shown here, but these are the only food pictures I remembered to take, because hunger...

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