Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What's in My Travel Make-Up Bag?

I know I know, we are all expected to carry minimal amount of products when we travel. Well, I try, I really do, but it never seems to work, ever.

I'd do one last confirmation after packing my make-up and go "WHAT IF I NEED THIS?!", "WHAT IF I NEED THAT?!" at every single one of my products, and end up bringing my entire collection without even using 50% of it. Who else is with me?

Overtime, I sort of gave up on packing light and decided to dedicate my luggage capacity to my beauty products and sacrifice the amount of clothing I bring instead, which seems to be working great so far.

Though I gave myself a larger make-up storage allowance, I would still try my best to minimise the number of products I carry with me (so that I can buy more make-up while I'm there), and to achieve that, I have to choose products that do more than just one job, such as bronzer that can work as eyeshadow, lipstick that doubles as blush, etc.

I tend to stick by this concept whenever I pack, so instead of "WHAT IF I NEED THIS?", I ask "WHAT ELSE CAN THIS DO?".

Click play on the video below and find out which make-up products made the cut to travel with me to Seoul, Korea.

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