Sunday, October 11, 2015

7D6N in Tioman Island (Scuba Diving)

Guy and I've been travelling a lot more this year for some reason and recently we decided to head to Tioman Island for an entire week just to get our diving license done. I was quite against the idea at first because I was terrified of fish and the ocean, I don't have a clear explanation for the odd phobia but the sea was just a very scary place to me.

If you noticed the past tense used in the previous sentence, I've successfully conquered my fears and it feels amazing! I even got a small tattoo to celebrate.

Tattoo done by Fin @ Pink Tattoos, Bangsar

I admit the process of obtaining my licence was tough, I cried a few times and had panic attacks at least once a day. Having panic attacks under water was one of the scariest sensations I've ever experienced to be honest, because you can't run away from it and have to deal with it there and then. 

"Why did you do it when you know you're afraid?" - Well, Guy really really REALLY wanted to do it and I just couldn't say no. Also, I was willing to try it out and push myself to the limits, I suppose.

I unexpectedly enjoyed this trip very much. I was feeling really 'meh' about it in the beginning and absolutely hated it during the first few days but this trip gave me so much more than I imagined. Not just for the ability of being free and easy underwater but also for bringing me back on track to what really matters in life. One of the many reasons I love island/beach holidays is being able to witness how the locals can survive with minimal material possessions yet still be happier than anyone in the busy city. Their carefree spirits can rejuvenate any tired city souls.

I didn't take as many pictures as I initially wanted to, but Guy did purchase a brand new GoPro just for this trip and he filmed most of the footages in the video below, I just helped with the editing :)

I hope you enjoyed my short little post about my vacation, I've missed typing away in this little space with my random thoughts and all. Also, click to watch the video of my Tioman trip below, lots of cool underwater shots including a cute baby jelly fish! Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you'd like and I'll be sure to link the details of my scuba diving course below as well.

Instructor: Max
*Accommodation included in dive package.

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