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5D4N in Bangkok & Pattaya

Hey guys! I'm finally blogging about my Thailand trip that took place end of June! But for those who have read my Bali trip series (click here to read), please bare in mind that this is not going to be as detailed and informative because there is just way too much to do in Bangkok that I felt overwhelmed planning an itinerary, so I picked a few places that was a must-visit, and the rest of the time, we (Guy & I - yes, Guy is back!) just went with the flow, discovering places as we go.

Plus our trip really wasn't that interesting, because all we did was eat, massage, eat, shop, sleep, and the same thing over again the next day.

We basically spent the first day travelling,

All the pictures here are taken with iPhone 6 Plus (mostly with a clip-on wide angle lens) and Sony NEX-5T.

Most of the images are from my Snapchat (@ash_ahn)

After reaching Suvarnabhumi airport, we took a bus to Pattaya from Bell Travel Service, it's slightly more expensive that the other buses but this includes transport that drops you directly at your hotel. We also had a little drama during the trip to our hotel because we share a van with a few other groups of people that are staying at different hotels in the nearby area, Guy & I were the 3rd group to get off the van, following a Chinese man and a group of Indians. When we got off and went to the back of the van to get our luggages, mine was missing! It definitely couldn't have been the Chinese man because he was alone and we saw that he only carried one carry-on, so it must've been the Indians because they came in a large group of 5-6. I was pretty much panicking but the driver was so nice that he took us back to the hotel where the group of Indians got off and managed to find my luggage back, Guy was so furious, he went down and confronted them while they just acted dumb saying "That's not my luggage... that's not my luggage", yea then why did you bloody take it?! Also, the remaining group in the van, which was an Indonesian couple was really really nice as well because they didn't mind us taking up their time trying to retrieve my luggage. Big big thanks to them and the driver!

On top of that unfortunate event, my wide angle clip-on lens snapped during the journey out of a sudden (bummer), hence all the normal, boring looking pictures below.

Checked in to our hotel in Pattaya - April Suites.

Settled in a little, but not too much because we're leaving to Bangkok the next day, then we headed out to Walking Street.

Dropped by a phone stall to get a local SIM card for us each that comes with unlimited data for 7 days.

Pattaya is a very...sexual place I would say, prepare yourself to be invited to many different types of "shows" while walking through the entire stretch of street. It can get very overwhelming.

We were starving so we picked a random restaurant to settle our roaring tummies. (p.s this is what happens when I don't have my wide angle lens, half of the signboard gets cut off)

It rained a while before we got there so the weather was quite breezy.

Green curry - my fave.

Finally trying Tom Yum in Thailand for the first time in my life.

Seafood fried rice.

Some chilli fried fish dish, super good.

Seeing fried insects for the first time and no I didn't try, don't think I ever will either.

Delicious coconuts everywhere!

2nd day in Pattaya, we took a pickup truck taxi/bus to the mall to eat Sizzler, apparently it's one of Guy's favourite Western food place.

Buffet salad bar, so so good! I felt pretty guilty going back and forth to the salad bar multiple times.

Simple yet delicious toasts.

Spicy grilled chicken with tempura shrimp and baked potato, yum!

Star of the show: full rack of pork ribs! The size of the ribs was huge for the crazy affordable price. Taste was undeniably great as well. To be honest, Sizzler will be the only reason for us to go back to Pattaya, yes it was THAT good.

We went to Tiffany's shooting range to shoot some guns and to hopefully burn off all the calorie intake.

It was a whole lot of fun and adrenaline rush. Got me sweating even when it doesn't require me to move at all. Great experience!

We walked around a little more and went back to the hotel to get ready to head to Bangkok.

We booked our transport on Bell Travel Service's website the night before. A van came to pick us up and dropped us at the bus station, then we took the bus to Bangkok, and just like how we got to Pattaya, there was a van waiting to take us to our hotel.

First thing we did upon arrival in Bangkok was to get a full body massage, which we eventually made it a must-do every single day. Breakfast, lunch, massage, dinner, supper.

Checked in to Petals Inn, located in Sukhumvit, about 5-10 minute walk to Nana station (BTS). We really liked the location because it is nearby all the hot spots, countless bars and food along the street, getting a cab wasn't a problem, and there's a 7-Eleven right outside the hotel too, talk about convenience.

Everything was great except there was an odd smell in the room when we entered but they offered to look into it the next day and I can't say whether the smell was gone or not because I'm not sure if I just got used to the smell or if it was really gone. The ceiling was surprisingly low as well, not much problem for me but I would still hit the ceiling with my curling wand when I'm doing my hair, but for Guy, who is 6 foot tall, he had quite a bit of trouble moving around.

But our purpose in Bangkok isn't to stay in the hotel all day so we didn't really mind it.

We took a cab to Soi 38 for supper.

Pad Thai and mango juice all day everyday!

Tom Yum is yummm.

Oyster omelette.

Went to Soi Cowboy (one of the red light districts in Bangkok) which was pretty boring and sad compared to Walking Street in Pattaya. I prefer Nana Plaza over Soi Cowboy if you're talking about Bangkok though. Wait, what? Am I really saying this? I can't even...

Day 3 was shopping day but I was quite disappointed at myself for buying so little. Wasn't on top of my game I'd say, maybe because their malls are so huge and the choices were so overwhelming that it consumed my fire.

My first and last time taking a Tuk Tuk. We sorta got tricked into it because the driver ended up taking us to so many shops that he was affiliated with just so that he could get free petrol token. It took us an hour to get to Platinum Mall when it should've been just a 10 minute journey.

Had our breakfast here, apparently very famous among the Chinese.

Wanton mee, it was decent, I prefer the Malaysian version.

Pork trotter rice was delicious but pretty oily.

Bought a new wide angle lens in Platinum Mall! Felt like I was alive again! It was crazy cheap too, about RM25, say whatttt?

My entire haul for the day, should've filmed a Bangkok haul video but I've given most of the souvenirs away to my friends and family. Oh well, it wasn't that impressive anyway. My proudest purchase is a bag which you'll see in the near future and "Velvet Teddy" lipstick from MAC which was made famous by Kylie Jenner and it isn't available in Malaysia.

Visited the four-faced Buddha.

Fried chicken and papaya salad from Som Tam Nua.

Mango dessert and smoothie from Mango Tango (finally!!!).

Last full day in Bangkok was pretty free and easy. Started the day in Chatuchak weekend market.

Had to take a pic to reminisce our home station.

I realised I had a lot of Finally-Food (foods that I've been dying to try my entire life) and coconut ice cream was one of them. Delicious pork noodle on the right.

Glorious garlic toast! I doubt I can find this shop again if I ever go back there because the market is HUGE!

We didn't stay long in Chatuchak because the weather was just too hot to bare, so we headed to Terminal 21 (yay to air conditioning!) which was located just one station away from our hotel.

Of course we had to settle our hunger. We had a lot of fun customising our own salad at the supermarket in Terminal 21.

Another "Finally"! I expected a lot more from you, Fiji water.

Left: We went back to the stall in Soi 38 where we had our first supper in Bangkok for our last supper.

Right: We went to Soi 31 for our daily spa and saw a few cozy cafes around the very Japanese-y area.

Day 5 which is our last day in Bangkok started off with the best spa session ever during our entire trip and most probably our entire life.

All geared up in my Bangkok purchase!

We took a cab to So Thai Spa because we heard amazing reviews about the place and decided to give it a try. We didn't make any reservations because we thought since it was a Monday morning, there shouldn't be many people but guess what, they were fully booked. But lucky for us, I think a couple was a no-show, so we got to take their 2 hours and oh my god, we were in heaven. If you're ever visiting Bangkok, give this place a go, it's not the cheapest but definitely one of the best I would say. Plus their garden makes a great photo op!

The receptionist from So Thai Spa was kind enough to order a cab for us to go to Terminal 21 (yes, again) because we found out they have a huge food court at the top floor that we really wanted to try.

Spicy fried chicken salad.

Roast pork rice.

Pad Thai of course!

A side of fried chicken that was extremely disappointing.

Had mango sticky rice, butter sugar toast and some ginger soup thingy for dessert. How did the 2 of us finish all these? I don't even know.

All things must come to an end. We checked out of our hotel, got a cab and headed back to Malaysia.

Tried out Cold Stone ice cream at Suvarnabhumi airport and we almost missed our flight.

As expected, I had some major post-vacation blues for a week straight. But till next time, Bangkok! (Pattaya, maybe not)

Oh! I also made a compilation video of some of the footages I uploaded onto my Snapchat during my trip, click 'Play' below if you'd like to watch and do subscribe to my YouTube channel while you're there :)

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