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Review: Wellness Inc. Juice Cleanse

Wow, it feels so strangely unfamiliar typing away on my blog again after being missing in action for more than a month! It can all be explained. If you follow me on social media, you should know already, but in case you don't, I am one of the 17 finalists of Miss Universe Malaysia 2015 and I really wanted to announce it here before I leave to beauty camp (compulsory) but we weren't allowed to so I had to just disappear like that all of a sudden. No details of it can be told at this moment, but if you want to keep yourself updated with my latest whereabouts, click like and follow my updates on my official Facebook page :)

Now back to what we're here for. While I was in the midst of getting myself mentally and physically ready to take on the challenges of becoming the next Miss Universe Malaysia, Eliza, who I had the pleasure to work with previously approached me and asked me if I would be interested to try out Wellness, Inc.'s juice cleansing program. Ever since the coffeeshop fever went down slightly, I've definitely noticed the juice craze in KL, many juice companies have been popping up like wild mushrooms and me TRYING to be more health conscious, I was more than curious to find out what this juice cleansing thing does. Unfortunately, I was leaving for beauty camp in a few more days when Eliza contacted me so that is why I am only writing about them now, specifically on the first day of 2015 which I think is tres suitable because it is always a good idea to start off the new year with great health (yes, this is exactly the New Year New Me shit, deal with it).

I tried out the 1-day cleansing program with a total of 6 bottles that came in a see-through plastic zipper bag like this. Cute! And I especially love the fact that they have time indicated on the bottle so that you know when to consume each bottle.

I personally thought that the masterminds behind Wellness, Inc. have put in a lot of thought and effort into designing each recipe to suit different needs and purposes at different times of the day, which is the main reason why I fell in love with Wellness, Inc. because to me, it is the details that matter and there were ample to swoon over in this case.

I will quickly go through each bottle and tell you which two were my top and least fave.

It was my off day during my cleansing day but I very excitedly jumped off the bed once my alarm rang at 8am sharp to sprint towards the fridge and start my first bottle of juice. All the ingredients are clearly listed on the bottle and as it states, this was definitely a wake-up call. At first taste, the 8am bottle is on the sweet side but not in the sickening way. 2 of the juices in this program contain ginger and I was afraid at first because I'm not a big fan of the taste of ginger, but surprisingly it was mild and you can barely notice it. It was very refreshing and with a total of 500ml, this can absolutely fill your tummy up.

2 hours later, I was still feeling quite full from the first bottle but I went ahead and consumed the 10am bottle anyway. 10am has a greener veggie taste to it but I love myself a good green juice so I didn't mind that at all. I know this is slightly TMI but as 'purify'-ing as it is meant to be, half way through 10am and I had to run to the toilet for number 2, a very satisfying feeling when you know that all that toxins from overeating McD is getting washed out from your body. This was when I told myself, "THIS IS THE REAL DEAL".

I feared the 12pm bottle like a little kid fear the dentist all because of the yellow pepper in it. I am extremely sensitive to peppers (red, yellow, green, bell, whatever you call it). I can always tell the existence of peppers in a dish even before I taste it and will always push that dish as far away as I can from me because that's how much I dislike peppers. 12pm was..unique but I gulped the entire bottle nonetheless.

2 o'clock is always the time when I get super hungry and would chow down rice and dishes like nobody's business, especially when I'm at work. I'm glad that the 2pm recipe is chunkier and more filling compared to the others. With visible dragon fruit seeds and banana chunks, this bottle was the closest to solid food I could get for the day. 

One thing I have to mention is that by 2pm I was too full to drink each bottle every 2 hours so I spaced them out and my last bottle was consumed at around 8pm instead of 6pm.

4pm has probably my favourite ingredient combination. Nothing to shout about but all these ingredients go so well together and it was an absolute joy to drink.

I almost broke the chain and gave in to a plate of fried rice by then but I didn't! Achievement unlocked! There was a bit of sadness while drinking the last bottle because I genuinely enjoyed the cleanse. The 6pm bottle has the perfect balance of sweet and green, it is one that you should savour each sip with positive thoughts. It was the perfect ending.

I pick 8am to be my favourite because I started the cleanse without expecting anything but this first bottle truly surprised me and left a great impact in my mind, it was when I thought this day wouldn't be as tough as I thought would be with zero solid food. Also, of course it's the great taste that got me.

You guessed it. My least favourite is the yellow pepper. I think normal people can hardly tell the pepper apart but for my case, I found this bottle the hardest to go through. I did feel very accomplished when I finished the whole bottle though.

Well I don't have scientifically proven evidence to tell if these are part of the results from the juice cleansing but other than the need to go for number 2 in the middle of the 10am juice, within the following days, my skin did feel smoother, body felt lighter and more energetic, no bloating and I thoroughly felt cleansed and happy. Not sure if it's all in the head, but if it makes you happy and positive, I don't see why not?

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