Thursday, November 6, 2014

Review: UNICO H.A. Water Sleeping Mask

Sorry I haven't been very consistent lately, I was busy getting ready for a month-long getaway which I can't talk much about yet but will of course update you guys once I'm allowed to, or maybe you'll read it in the papers, I don't know, what? Squirrel!

I received a package from MIVVA with a jar of the Unico H.A. (Hyaluronic Acid) Water Sleeping Mask actually quite long ago that I can't even remember exactly when, but the reason I avoided writing an immediate review for this product is because I want to experience the full result and let you all know what you can expect in the long run. But let's start with the first impression.

Comes in a very uniquely shaped red, reflective box which I just couldn't bare throwing away.

Typical jar type packaging that doesn't come with a spatula and for the price of this product and me being quite the germaphobic, this is a BIG minus.

The mask itself carries a light baby pink hue.

It has a thick and creamy consistency yet very easy to blend across the face.

So let's get those negative comments out of the way first. The one thing I noticed and didn't fancy other than the lack of a spatula is definitely the smell, which can be overwhelming and nauseating for some people, like me. I've been using the popular Laneige sleeping mask for quite a while before trying this out so naturally I would put these two to comparison. Laneige does possess a smell too but it is a fresh and subtle one, whereas Unico's is something along the line of herbal, ginseng and wood, not only that, the smell lingers.

The next thing I didn't like about this product is the residue that it leaves. I don't know if this is only happening to me, but when I wake up the next morning, I would get flaky white residues on my pillow, pyjamas, and especially all over my hair nearest to my face, which is quite a pain in the ass to remove.

I honestly wish this product can be improved on the points I've mentioned because the result it gives to my skin is AMAZING, even better than the Laneige sleeping mask I would say. When I wake up and wash my face the next morning, my skin is clearly smoother, plumper, and most importantly, very very hydrated. Even with the fantastic results, I honestly still gravitate towards my Laneige because of the smell that the Unico sleeping mask gives which makes the whole process less pleasant and enjoyable.

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Do I think it's worth the money? Yes, definitely, for the great effect it has to improve the skin. I do recommend this to everyone with issues of dry skin and lack of time to layer on skincare products, but please do keep in mind the qualities that I personally like and dislike is entirely individual and might not be the same case for everybody. So if you don't mind the woody, herbal smell then I strongly encourage you to try this out!

Unico H.A. Water Sleeping Mask retails for RM160 and can be purchased through MIVVA.

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