Saturday, October 11, 2014

Review: Otterbox Resurgence for my iPhone

OtterBox Asia sent me another package last month with another life-changing phone case (along with some awesome goodies as they always do), but before I get into it, read my first ever OtterBox review on the Symmetry case, which I am currently using, here.

One of the most common first world problem is the need to plug-hug to ensure your smartphone has enough juice for you to be on it the whole day. Chatting, gaming, Instagramming are all part of the daily routine by now for us city slickers. 

I finally had the chance to pay KLIA2 a visit recently. Despite the large varieties of stores that provided a shopping mall-esque ambiance, I spotted a spectacular scene while I was there, and I was baffled. At a perfectly comfortable and large sitting area, a huge group of people were just sitting on the floor while the benches laid pretty much empty, reason being the power sockets were located on the pillars and general charging cables aren't that long, hence people were sitting on the floor next to the pillar, plug-hugging. Well, to be honest, squatting down on the floor like that to feed your phone isn't the cutest thing to do especially in public, and I am so so grateful for the invention of portable chargers and power cases like the OtterBox Resurgence because I will be the one fabulously and comfortably sitting on the bench while still having my phone charged at the same time.

I've been using my mint-colored Resurgence power case for two weeks now, and although I do love it very much, I still have some complains about it, which you will read as you scroll. I've obtained the habit to carry around my portable power bank around on-the-go, even when my phone is fully charged and I won't even be out that long, I still carry it around because I can't bear the thought of my phone running out of battery when I'm out. What if there's an emergency?! But the thing is, I usually carry a small purse around and the size of my power bank plus the easily-tangleable cable annoys the hell out of me, especially when I'm in a rush and I need to scramble through a mess of wires to get what I was initially searching through my purse for.

So with this case, I no longer face the trouble of dealing with cables and additional weights to my bag.

LED display of the case power status.

The headphone extension which also doubles as an organiser. We all know the struggle of keeping headphones untangled.

I was honestly not used to such convenient way of charging my phone, half of the time I forget that my phone is actually charging while I'm using it and when I reach for my charging cable, I realise my phone is already fully charged.

Pros: Convenience is definitely the major winning factor and what everybody look for in pretty much everything in life. The OtterBox Resurgence not only provides 2000mAh which is 2 times the power of iPhone, the case also offers military-rated, classic OtterBox protection from our day-to-day carelessness of drops and bumps. I am personally very impressed by the auto-stop technology that stops charging the phone once it is fully charged which prevents overcharging that will eventually lead to shortened battery life.

Cons: I love this case so much that I wish these "cons" don't exist but sadly they are very real and true. Besides the very limited colour selection, and the hefty price tag, the Resurgence case is very very difficult to assemble and remove. It's either I feel like my nails are going to break from trying to pull apart the two-pieced case, or I might destroy the case itself with the amount of force I have to put in. I would usually need a friend's (preferably male) help to pull open the parts in order to use it. And especially for you girls with fresh manicure, let me warn you, it will get miserable.

This pretty much sums up my love-hate relationship with this power case.

OtterBox Resurgence retails for RM349 at OtterBox Asia with 4 colour options.

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