Friday, October 24, 2014

My 1 Week Clarisonic Journey

As the title suggests, I have been using my Clarisonic for exactly a week now, and honestly I didn't realise how big the change was until this morning when I was putting on my makeup, that's why I took a couple of selfies at work and HAD TO blog about it immediately.

So as you know, if you've read my previous blog post (here), I have issues with textured and bumpy, congested skin most probably due to inefficient cleansing even though I do triple cleansing, the makeup just isn't coming off completely. You can refer to my no makeup, no filter, "before" images on that previous blog post, which looked quite gruesome now that I've looked back at it, so brace yourselves.

I know I have makeup on in these pictures, but trust me, makeup can't really hide bumps especially when you have light slightly reflecting on the skin. I did not use any filters, I took these selfies with my iPhone 5s front camera and I even sharpened the image quality (like who does that for selfies?!) for the real deal. You can still spot the huge oil bump right under my eye in the picture above, which probably need some minor surgery to get rid of, but my focus is on the cheek area. The Clarisonic managed to clear up most of the congestive bumps hanging out on both of my cheeks, in only 1 week's time! Say what?!!!

You can still spot some bumps around the forehead and in between my brows but most of them are completely gone now, even my blackheads on my nose aren't as terrible. Will try to take some more pictures with no makeup on tomorrow morning under natural sunlight for you guys on Twitter, but for now, I am really happy with the result and do keep in mind that I will continue to update my Clarisonic journey from time to time.

That's it for now and make sure to follow me on Twitter too, because I am probably the most active there than any of my other social media and it's like a mini Guns&Glitters!

***UPDATE: I realised after using the Clarisonic, my skin absorbs my skincare products SO MUCH easier and quicker, I no longer spend half an hour massaging my moisturiser into my skin because if not it would just sit on top and rub off. Like I said, it's incredible.

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