Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I'm In A Magazine?!

Ok, this wasn't quite the actual surprise because I went for the shoot and submitted my interview answers few months back, and I knew when the feature will be out, but it still feels so surreal to see my own face in a two-page spread, it's amazing! *jumps of joy*

I am featured in the November issue of Female magazine (Malaysia) to talk about my personal style, inspiration sources, favourite/must-have closet items, my go-to look and many many more so be sure to grab a copy from the newsstands and celebrate this new milestone with me.

Once again, I would like to thank Female magazine for giving me this wonderful opportunity and experience, I am so incredibly flattered by the kind words they used to describe me in the article that I just stood in the middle of a mall, just feeling so genuinely happy that all these is actually happening to me, ME! Plain Jane, Ashley! 22 years of my life I've been seeing pretty girls in magazines and thinking how great it would be if I'm one of them, but at the same time feeling it would never happen because who am I? But look at this!!!!

Cheers to this awesome achievement and hopefully, many more to come? :D

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