Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Go-To Nails

So you know how we girls (even in a summer-all-year-round country like Malaysia) get influenced by the seasons a lot, that we need to coordinate our hair, closet, accessories and even our nails according to the current season. Not surprisingly, I also go by this "Girl Culture" and I found the perfect nail colour for this Fall!

My new love: Pillow Fight by Ciaté

Grey and Lavender have always been my favourite colours, and this polish is the perfect lovechild of both. It's an ashy muted purple but grey that isn't too bright that it screams summer, or too dark that it makes my hands look like a witch's, which is a problem my long lean bony fingers tend to have.

This is my first time trying Ciaté's polish. Got this baby bottle when I was gift hunting for a swap with my cousin in Korea, saw a section selling the Ciaté Mini for 3 for RM50 in Sephora, so I got them in a pack to share with my cousin. Even though the brush is tinier than full sized bottles, it wasn't difficult to apply on my significantly huge nails at all, unlike the OPI mini which I personally think is a nightmare to put on. I might one day give the full size ones a try!

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