Monday, September 15, 2014

Sneakers over Stilettos

Yes, I caved. I was known for being the high heels girl in my work place because I would never EVER wear anything other than my heels, the main reason being me blessed with short legs, and I am pretty much "forced" to wear high heels to balance out my proportions.

But seeing all the sneaker trend going on lately, my feet sent multiple complaints to my brain and I decided it's time, it's time for me to let go of the label "high heels girl" I earned with pride and give my poor feet a break.

(images from

Though I don't have legs for days like the inspiration images above, I'm still gonna go for it anyway because who else is to judge me except me?

More images of my new Nike Free OG '14 in grey (the filter made them look more lavender, but it's a very cozy, cool grey colour).

I don't know how Nike does it but these shoes are so light and comfortable it's impossible. Believe it or not, when I wanted to take the shoes out when I got back from the Nike store, the shoebox felt so light that I thought it was empty, and for a brief five seconds I panicked thinking that the cashier must've forgotten to put my shoes inside.

Can't wait to style them and I am very sure that I will be rocking these babies every single day for at least a good two months.

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