Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bolts & Marble

Hello beautiful people, I apologise for not being on schedule and skipping two slots of updates this week, but I am back, I promise! Spent the whole week working on an advertising project in the office, had two days of OT continuously and I even stayed up until 4am to finalise a proposal presentation last night. Life.

Since today is a pretty relaxing day for me, I decided to upload some shots I've taken yesterday morning and just give you a brief recap of what's going on in my life right now :)

Sweater: borrowed // Dress: Paul&Alice (Korea) // Belt: Charles&Keith // iPhone Case: // Watch: Michael Kors // Hair: @mrjohnlloyd from @ishsalon

Was able to raid my friend Amy's closet last week for a company photo shoot, and before returning the clothes to her, I decided to make full use out of this opportunity and do some mix and matching myself. The collared dress underneath the lightning bolt cropped sweater is a sort of marble-looking print collared dress I got as a gift from a relative in Korea that I loved so much I wore it to my diploma convocation (so much memories!).

So anyway, lets talk about some non-fashion related stuff. I don't mean to brag but I currently unlocked a new life achievement (because life is like a game), and I am really proud of myself for there is no success too small to be celebrated, even though my new milestone might seem petty to most people. Right now, I feel rejuvenated and motivated to acquire more in life and seriously feeling like nothing can stop me, unless pizza.

Speaking of game, is anyone obsessed with the game Tsum Tsum by Line? Because I certainly am. To those who aren't, please be so we can swoon over the cuteness of the Tsum Tsums. But seriously, how do you even pronounce Tsum Tsum?

(image credit:

One last thing before I wrap this post up. I'm in love...with a lemon tart.

My friend Amy was the one to introduce this beautiful thing into my life, and I am forever grateful for it. I love desserts but I can't stand desserts that are dead sweet, but this lemon tart has the perfect balance of sweet and sour I secretly wish I didn't give Amy her portion so I can eat it all. If you're wondering, check out Encore cafe at Taman Desa, they offer a wide range of desserts, even apple strudels!

I'll talk to you in my next post and hope you have a great rest of the week.

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