Wednesday, September 24, 2014

2D2N in Melaka

I had the luxury to attend a weeding which gave me an excuse to put off work and spend my weekend in Melaka recently, and of course, this post is going to be filled with food images as expected, because..Melaka. I began my journey from KL on Thursday after work, and left on Saturday night, just in case you were wondering about the 2 days 2 nights. All my pictures are taken with Sony Nex-5T and iPhone 5s, edited on PhotoScape X.

So, lets begin!

My first meal in the beautiful heritage city was supper, and I had something called Yee Keow Mee (鱼绞面). Sorry I don't have a more appealing picture of it because i had this at a food court and I was only expecting something mediocre, but when I took a bite, I was like "holy shit! I need to take a picture of this". It's a bowl of chewy Koay Teow with soy sauce, shredded meat and some kind of chilli paste sent from heaven, also comes with a side of fish ball soup. Ok, I don't know why KL hawker stalls don't sell this dish, but seriously, somebody should really start selling them, because I honestly can't live without this anymore. I NEED YEE KEOW MEE IN MY LIFE, PRONTO! (but if you happen to know anywhere that sells this, please please let me know, I'm begging you). We also ordered a pot of assam fish which was equally good but I didn't bother to take a picture because I was too damn amazed by the Yee Keow Mee.

The next morning, I went to Makko Nyonya Restaurant for brunch, it was so damn good, words can't even express my feelings.

Fried Chicken

Kangkung Belacan

Chilli Fish
(probably not the formal name)

Sambal Prawn with Petai


Their portions are pretty small, now I am not sure if they adjusted the size accordingly because there was only two of us, or their portion is actually that small, but nonetheless, the food is amazing and homey, and I am salivating talking about it right now. Also, they provide Keropok Ubi as appetisers which is available for sale in packs and knowing me, I bought two to munch on them when I get back to the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur and reminisce this awesome meal.

The above image is a half eaten Popiah, a very beautiful Popiah. This one was on my Must-Eat-List since two years ago when I first discovered it. It is from a mobile stall located along Jalan Bunga Raya, in front of Madam King's, called 春兴薄饼 or Bunga Raya Popiah. But trust me, you won't miss the stall because there would always be a long queue surrounding it. I am not a big fan of Popiahs but this? It has a very special spot in my heart because it has pork lard in it. I love love love those fried pork lard you can find in local Dai Chao dishes, and you can also find it in this Popiah! OMG. Nuff said.

After that, we went to Tesco to kill some time before meeting up with a friend, and took a quick #OOTD for Instagram at the artificial fruits and flowers isle.

Dress: Mom's // Flannel: F21 // Trainers: Nike // Bag: Maku Store // Shades: Charles & Keith

Gotta have my sour cream and onion chips supply!

After meeting our friend, we went to catch a movie at GSC, and we watched The Purge: Anarchy. I didn't know about this movie until Guy told me what it was about. After watching it, I hurried to watch the first instalment of The Purge and found it even more disturbing and I loved it. Just in case you don't know anything about the movie, it's basically about the future American citizens were given the rights to Purge, where for 12 hours, all crimes including murder is allowed in order for their people to cleanse their soul, eliminate all urge of violence in one night. Even though I found the movie very entertaining, if The Purge is real around the world, I will not participate because I believe humans don't naturally have the urge to kill or commit crimes, it's not part of life to have the need to "cleanse our soul", it is some other external influence that triggered criminal behaviours or plainly psychological issues that should be treated by experts.

Moving on,

Oh yes, no trip to Melaka is complete without the good old Satay Celup. This is my second time having it and this visit was the best one yet because I discovered that you can actually order a bowl of cucumber and white bread to dip into the sauce. I especially LOVED the bread because it just soaks up all the goodness of the sauce and oh my god. I miss it so much. The bread is my first favourite, while the oyster mushroom falls on second. The oyster mushroom also absorbs more of the delicious peanut gravy compared to the other ingredients.

After dinner, we head on over to Jonker Walk in attempt to burn all the calories we just consumed.

Found this interesting stall selling Bonzai-looking ice cream which really amazed me. They serve the ice cream in an actual pot topped with Oreo crumbs I'm guessing as soil and mint leaves. It really looks like a plant! But too bad I was way too bloated from dinner to try it out, maybe next time.

A stall selling keychains and miniatures made out of wires.

Still remember this black beauty? Oh the days before smartphones came along.

Passed by these pretty balls of light and I couldn't resist! Bought the blue ones because it reminded me of Santorini.

These bedazzled trishaws were everywhere.

And then, we also saw this uncle cutting open coconuts without spilling a drop of coconut water, like a boss. Watch it for yourself.

Our adventure in Jonker Walk could've been longer if I didn't get separated from Guy. We were basically looking at our own interest and got lost from each other, and just when you're thinking how the hell can that happen when we have cell phones now, well, he very cleverly left his phone in my bag and we spent about 15 minutes looking for each other, frantically (for me at least). And after he found me, I was like, "ok, I had enough, lets go home T^T", so we did and called it a night.

The next morning didn't start up very well, because we had Dim Sum for brunch and it pretty much sucked.

The food is cold and mostly bland, sauces were diluted with about an equal amount of water which pissed me off very very much. Your food already has zero taste, and now you want to take away my only solution to the problem? Unfortunately I can't bring myself to remember the name of this place, so that you can avoid it, but I'm not worried because the place is already quite empty on its own.

After the horrible meal, we went to H&M to get some stuff we needed for the wedding, then had a quick "snack", it was actually a meal but I'm calling it snack because the both of us shared, so it was snack portioned.

Yong Tau Foo in Melaka is served with dry kuay teow instead of Chee Cheong Fun like in KL, but is equally if not even more amazing.

After that, we visited probably the oldest temple in Melaka, and lighted some incense sticks for the Gods.

Had to end my Melaka trip here because we needed to head back and start getting ready for the wedding. I took about three and a half hours to get ready which is so much longer than my usual time needed because I was in a foreign area, is it just me or does this happen to everyone? Let me know.

I'm sure you would recognise this car if you watched Initial D. 

And after the wedding, we rushed back to KL which was very torturing because we were both so tired and sleepy from the day, but we managed to get back in one piece, and I spent the next whole day sleeping and eating to recharge. Don't judge.

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