Thursday, August 14, 2014

What's On My iPhone?

Hello earthlings! I am currently very disgustingly into watching YouTubers doing the "What's on my iPhone" tag that I think I might have a problem. I love watching what other people keep either on their phones or bags, because through that I get to know what kind of person he/she is and at the same time get recommended with some new apps/stuff that can benefit me too. So with obvious reasons, I decided to do one myself, unfortunately not in a video form but a written one (with pictures of course, don't worry), and let's just dive straight into it now shall we?

I will be separating this into two parts; one for general, non-photoediting apps, and another one is strictly dedicated to photography apps, okay? Okay.

Starting with my phone case,

I am using a white iPhone 5s with a maybe-too-adorable-for-me Bubblepack case in sea foam green and pale pink. I personally prefer phone cases that possess extra bits of function and not the usual phone protection only, and for this case, it is the card holder.

It can hold one regular card in between but I don't recommend credit/debit/ATM card as the phone might damage the chip inside of it. I've been using my other Speck cardholder case previously which can hold up to three cards but it made my phone a little too bulky so I switched it with this Bubblepack.

I am currently in that period of time where I'm incredibly obsessed with elephant anything, so of course my wallpapers have to be elephant related (even my chat wallpapers are elephant prints). If you're curious of where I got my wallpapers, I will get into that later in the post.

My home screen wallpaper matches my phone case and I'm a little too happy about it, like the world is finally aligned and everything is perfect!

I have a total of two pages on my iPhone, I won't go into details about the common apps that most people should already know of so let's click on that first folder on the bottom right.

I label all my folders with Emojis, does anyone else do that as well?

In this folder I have all the more "serious" tools app like documents related ones, QR reader and unit converter.

I really like Genius Scan which is the little orange one in the middle that I went around telling all of my friends to download, if telling them to download didn't cut it, I would do a demo for them and that would always work, and that is what I'm doing to you right now.

Basically, if you have a document to scan and you don't have a scanner, this is going to be your saviour. First, you gotta open up the app, lay your document on a flat surface, and take a picture of it.

After that, you crop it.

And voila! This is the future guys, this is the future.

It also gives you the option to import a picture from your library to "scan", and you can choose if you want it to be in black and white or colour.

In the next folder, I have all the apps that don't quite belong to anywhere else, like my GSC cinema app, Google translate, WeChat which I rarely use, Photo Vault where I keep some dirty secret pictures, Puri Icon is an app that lets me customise the app icon which I only use for my Guns&Glitters shortcut icon, and Characters is an app where I get all my unicode symbols for my Instagram captions.

Moving on to the second page of my home screen,

The second page is more fun and less uptight compared to the first page because this is where all my social medias, games, photography apps are located.

Facebook, KakaoTalk (I only use this to chat with my Korean friends), Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat (I use this with Amy only because no one else would Snapchat me), and We Heart It are all my social apps.

I'm hooked on We Heart It and this is where I get all my wallpapers for my iPhone.

How cute is this?! 

We Heart It is a lot like Pinterest because it allows you to "heart" images and add to your collection/folder the same way Pinterest functions, and personally, I think that Pinterest images appear to be more mature compared to We Heart It which is more teenage-like so I actually like both of them, depending on my mood.

The app next to We Heart It is Coletto, it is a calendar/diary app that is super pink and girly which I'm still not sure if I like it yet.

Next to Coletto, is an app that provides me with a daily dose of horoscopes because sometimes it is crazy accurate and it freaks me out a bit, but still, I find it to be really cool.

And beside Daily Horoscope, Weple Money is an app I use literally everyday. I've started to develop the habit to jot down my daily expenses thanks to this app, and I highly recommend it!

It has allowed me to keep track of my spendings, look back to see my spending pattern, so if I spent a little too much this month, I will try to balance it out the next month, and I'm proud to say that it is helping me to save a lot more money than I possibly could on my own.

And I know most people, like me for example, can't remember to do this boring finance stuff all the time because my brain is constantly filled with other things like 
"Omg has Nick Bateman posted up a new picture yet?", 
"My nails look like crap", 
"I'm so hungry what should I eat?", 
"Do I have too much makeup on?", 
you get what I mean, so this app actually allows you to set a daily reminder to remind yourself to record your expenses for the day, I set it at 10pm every night and it never failed once. It also comes with password protection in case somebody tries to creep at how much money you have.

After Weple Money, I have my Guns&Glitters shortcut icon which I made with Puri Icon mentioned above, Google app which made my life somewhat easier and I'm contemplating whether it is "dock-worthy" or not, it is so much faster than searching on Safari and you can use the voice control to ask questions and it will actually answer you back, with a voice (#thisisthefuture), before we get into the folders again, I still have Yummly which I just recently downloaded.

It is a recipe app with really modern and creative foods to choose from.

Even the food photography in this app is incredible I can't even... look at that perfectly runny yolk!

I stumbled onto this app when I was looking for an app that would help me in grocery shopping, yes I am a woman and I shop for my own groceries, that's right (LOL). And Yummly actually does help because most of the time, I want to cook a meal but I don't even know what I want to cook, so this app provides me with the recipes and the grocery lists, best of both worlds!

Now for the three remaining folders, the first one with a camera Emoji is of course all my photography apps which I will skip for now and leave for Part 2. As for the second folder with the game controller Emoji is all of my games (like duh), I'm not that big of a gamer and all of my games are.. well.. judge for yourself.

Only three games (because recipe apps excite me way more)

Two Dots was actually recommended by my dear friend Amy, the concept of this game felt a lot like Candy Crush (which everybody is so over with) with all the trails of levels but this game is just cuter and it requires quite the brain work, you basically need to connect at least two same coloured dots to get rid of it, and if you make a square it gets rid of all the same colour dots, ok I suck at explaining game rules, please go download it yourself and play and let me know if you've passed level 26 because I've been stuck there for weeks that I might give up and delete this game out of frustration.

I also have Amateur Surgeon 3 which I've briefly talked about in my Obsession Confessions post back in May, you can check that out here.

And the last game would be Space Team which requires two or more people that are connected to the same Wifi. This game is so stupid and pointless but oh boy it gets your adrenaline rushing like crazy. Basically you are given a space ship control panel with language or symbols that don't make any sense, and you will be given instructions to press certain buttons on your control panel, the instruction that appears on your screen might be for you, but also might be for your partner(s), so you kinda have to yell out the instruction and whoever has that specific button on their control panel has to press it. Just a heads up though, this game is very very tiring, you'll feel drained afterwards but it is so funny you might pee in your pants a little.

Last but not least, my travel folder,

I'm just gonna skip through the commonly known apps like Weather, Currency, Maps, Uber and MyTeksi and go more into details with Packpoint and Spottly.

Packpoint is a packing assistant that helps you create a list of things for you to pack judging from your destination and activities.

It will also tell you the estimated weather forecast so that you will know whether to bring an extra jacket.

Spottly is like a platform for all the travel lovers out there to post up their reviews on certain places all around the world.

Can't give much opinions on this app because I haven't explored it enough to know what I think, but if it triggers your interest to try it out, go ahead.

That's it for now and do stay tuned for Part 2 because I will be talking about some of my favourite apps to edit my Instagram pictures!

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