Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What's On My iPhone? -Photography apps

Hello again, beautiful people. I am working on some writing for my day job but currently suffering some writer's block so I am back with my "What's on My iPhone" photo editing apps edition, as promised. In this post, I will tell you some of my favourites (doesn't apply because every app on my phone is my fave) or in a more accurate term, my most used apps to edit my pictures, especially for Instagram. Enough blabbering and lets get straight into it! 

But if you haven't checked out my part 1 of "What's on My iPhone", you can read it here.

In the folder labeled with a camera emoji, I have 2 pages worth of apps, and my most used ones are all located on the first page.

First app is VSCOcam, this is a no brainer, everybody loves this app, especially if you are into those old school film-like photography. My favourite filter to use for my pictures is A5, and I am in love with its other functions, such as the 'Fade' tool, gives the pictures a very aged and vintage look.

Squaready, we all know it, can't live without it, must have for Instagrammers!

Diptic is probably the only photo collaging app I use and have in my phone. It isn't a free app but I got lucky and scored it for free while they were having a giveaway of the app FOC for like 48 hours.

I love this because you can adjust the borders, layout, edges, even the brightness and contrast to your liking. Very user friendly and it fits the Instagram square just perfectly.

美颜相机 is every girl's (or guy's, I don't judge) selfie necessity. It's basically an app that lets you take selfies and tricks you and other people into believing that you are a flawless looking porcelain doll. It's the ultimate app that helps us girls lie, I probably just revealed the darkest secret of sisterhood, shit. But anyhoo, I prefer using the app to edit the brightness of my photos because it does a great job with that.

Polamatic is what I use to create faux polaroid pictures. It also gives you a ton of film, filter selections.

Studio app is what I use to put slogans or some life mantras on my pictures, like these...

PicFX used to be my go-to app before VSCOcam came along. They have a wide varieties of really pretty filters (intensity adjustable), bokehs, light leaks, and space/galaxy filters which I never had the chance to use yet.

If you've seen these pictures on my Instagram and wondered how I got those light leak effects on the side, it is all achieved by LensLight.

They have quite the selection for Bokehs as well.

LensLight isn't a free app, but I got so much use out of it, they just complete a picture in the most subtle way possible.

Snapseed is another one of my very faves, because of its 'Selective Adjust' tool where you can partially enhance the brightness, contrast and saturation of a picture.


The possibilities are endless.

On to the second page, these are the apps I rarely use, and are mostly for Instavideos, which I rarely make as well.

Snapee is a sticker app I use to put cute stickers or arrows, like this.

While the wording "PHOTOBOMBED" was created with the app After Photo, an app to put words on your pictures, and the cool thing about it is that it has a feature to make the words blend into your pictures, like this.

Notice how the spoon on the left goes through the alphabet I and C? Well, mine isn't that impressive but I've seen some pretty awesome work on the internet. Just for your info, the picture above was edited with 1)VSCOcam filter 2)LensLight bokeh and 3)AfterPhoto wording

I won't go much into Flick Stitch and Instavideo because I use them only for the music and white border (to fit a 16:9 video into a square) function, I would still opt for Final Cut Pro on my Macbook to edit videos.

Phew, finally we've came to the end of it all! MeituPic, last but definitely not least, it was a must-have for all girls before 美颜相机 came around (they're from the same company). I still use MeituPic once in a while when I'm dealing with a picture even VSCOcam can't fix. MeituPic is like that bootycall you keep around and call her only during desperate times. Sorry MeituPic, this is the sad truth but I still need you.

This is it! By the time you're reading this, I might have added or removed some apps on my phone but I still hope this helped you in one way or another. Happy apps shopping! But before I wrap this up, since we're already on the topic of phones and gadgets, I received an Otterbox phone case in the mail yesterday (along with a handwritten note and travel beauty kit because they know how much of a girl I am). I am currently trying out the case, and I can't wait to write a review post for you all because I know a lot of people eat, live and breathe with their phones, so a little extra protection for your babies can go a long way.

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