Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

(Meteora Cafe, USJ 9)

Amy came over for a sleepover in order for us to work on a special project with a collection of bags, which you will see on this space soon enough, and I had an absolute splendid weekend.

Before I led her to my house, we dropped by Meteora Cafe located in USJ 9 for some tea and churros. We got there at about 10.30pm and hung out until 12am, all the customers left by 11pm so we basically got the whole place to ourselves, it was nice to have some peace and quiet. When we were getting our bills, the cashier (wasn't sure if he is the owner) asked if we were students, and I murmured "We wish", but he still gave us a student discount anyway. This type of occasions make me feel so good about life and just maybe the world isn't as horrible.

The next day, we got up, had brunch and started working on producing the pictures for the project.

(Had to walk through a sea of rocks with these stilettos. Challenge declined, we took the long way to get to the destination so we don't break our ankles.)

(A little sneak peak!)

On Sunday morning, I got up slightly earlier to do my laundry which has been piling up, and made myself a very simple and classic breakfast, then found a very pretty spot in the house where the sunlight shines in through the window which creates boxes of light, and took the opportunity to take some shots of random goods in my room.

(Herb salt from Bali)

All fuelled up for a brand new week yet?

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