Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Color Run, Nasi Lemak and Chocolate Mousse Pie

Just came back from a long day out, it hasn't been a whole day yet and it's only 5pm as I'm typing this post, but since I was awake since 5am, this day seems longer than usual, and to be honest I kinda like it. I was looking forward to this day for quite a while because The Color Run is finally here in Malaysia!

Amy and I secured our spots in this fun run on the second day registration was open which was I think more or less a month ago, and today was finally THE day. We were stoked! (except the fact that we had to get up at 5am in the morning)

We took the LRT, which I haven't been on ever since graduating from high school, literally the whole LRT was filled with people on their way to Padang Merbok in Jalan Parlimen where the fun run was held, and having so many people on the same train as us was actually a blessing in disguise because we wouldn't have found our way to the venue if not for the people that know their way around Kuala Lumpur. Yes, we are locals but locals usually always avoid the busy city centre so yeap, we're terrible.

It was still dark when we arrived at 6.45am, but that place was already turned up and packed with Color Runners.

Amy and I were part of the earlier wave that started the 5km run. The organiser closed off quite a few streets for the event and the route involved roads with a lot of greens on both sides which was real pleasant because us city gals need some fresh air up in our lungs, but that didn't last very long.

We were getting coloured powder thrown at our face, body, hair and basically everywhere. The particles linger in the air as well and it's really difficult to avoid breathing them in, not to mention how horrible it tastes, but nevertheless, it was a super fun experience and I would do it over again!

The after math.

We got so many funny pictures taken during the post-run celebration and Amy and I would still burst out laughing whenever we look at them but some were way too unglam and I am not allowed to upload them here. Let's just say, it was funny enough to be turned into memes, but my apologies, you will never be able to see them.

The expected jump shot fail.

Jump shot fail + the coolest photobomb (thank you handstand photobomber!).

Well this looks decent.

The girl on the right throwing colour powder at us went all the way out she deserves a medal.

Thanks for doing this with me, Amykins! You know I looooooove you!

After all of that, we walked another 1km to the LRT station, got on the wrong train, got off, got back on the right train, went home, washed up and came back out for brunch!

This is the thing about besties, unplanned wardrobe clash.

Brought Amy to Village Park to try out their oh-so-popular Nasi Lemak because she hasn't tried it yet (like wtf?), and she loved it, but then again who would't? This Nasi Lemak is quite hard to beat.

Being our usual greedy selves, of course we couldn't let go of the chances we get to have our desserts.

Amy brought me to Souka and Mukha, Souka being the small little bakery attached to Mukha, a hip cafe, to try out the Chocolate Mousse Pie she loves so much.

What a beauty. It tastes as good as it looks! Crunchy crust and fluffy whipped cream sandwiching the perfectly sweet chocolate mousse, beautifully complimenting each other, I don't think I've ever loved a dessert this much. 

The pie has gone to tummy town. And it wasn't a surprise that we each bought another piece back to savour at the comfort of our own home. 


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