Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Such A Jeanius!

Took the day off from the office because I've been getting periodical throbbing pain in my right ear since Sunday and I just came back from the hospital, turns out my cartilage is inflamed and I've been given antibiotics and anti-inflammatory cream to cure it.

The reason for the inflammation is unknown, I initially thought it was because I stuck the Q-tip a little too deep the other day but now I'm just confused. Oh well, as long as the pain goes away, not knowing the cause is the price I am willing to pay.

Anyhoo, just last weekend, I found this oversized denim jacket in my mom's closet and borrowed it (without permission, sorry mom!). I never really liked oversized jacket because I feel like it eats me out but now that I've tried it, I fell in love with the casualness and effortlessness of it. So rugged, so chic!

Denim Jacket: Mom's closet // Star Wars Tee: Forever 21 // Denim Jeans: TOPSHOP

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