Thursday, August 21, 2014

New York State of Mind

Regular updates, what a surprise right? I know, me too, haha! I know I still have a What's In My iPhone (photography app edition) due but I just got these photos you're seeing in this post processed and I'm so in love with it that I had to share with you first. Maybe, just maybe I'll work on taking the screenshots of my phone tonight if I have the time.

This post isn't about anything really, but this New York oversized tee reminds me of my little big dream of going to New York. I've been wanting and dreaming to be in New York since I was a little kid (thanks to all the American movies I grew up watching), that city just feels so surreal and far away from me that I just want to be there to know that it really exists and not just a place that is merely a creation for the movies. New York for me is a bustling city full of probably rude and stressed out working people, billboard lights flashing everywhere, car honks filling the polluted air but still, it is full of hopes and opportunities and your crazy, impossible dream might just have a chance of coming true. There was once when a friend asked, "which country would you stay in for the rest of your life if you have the chance to choose?", at that moment I couldn't think of anywhere because I've hardly been anywhere to know which country I could happily live in. I still can't answer that question with "New York for sure!", but I would love to, and I can't wait for the day I can finally prove my assumption correct.

New York Tee: Borrowed

Nothing makes better sleepwear than an oversized t-shirt, agree?

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