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4D3N in Bali: DAY 3

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1. My Bali vacation is NOT a sponsored trip, I am NOT paid to advertise for anyone or any place.
2. I went to Bali with a friend and for the sake of his privacy I would name him "GUY" in the entire Bali blog post series.

Kuta Angel Hotel: (booked through

Our third day in Bali we decided to make a road trip up to Ubud, where the movie Eat, Pray, Love was shot and thanks to it, numbers of tourists flock all the way to Ubud and personally, I can see why they do.

It was a beautiful third day and before we begin our 1 hour and 20 minutes scooter journey to Ubud, we had our breakfast at Sea Circus, Seminyak.

The restaurant lives up to its name with the very circus inspired deco and colourful, energetic vibe. (p.s. look how beautiful the sky is)

Really cute circus inspired menu at the entrance.

The entire place was pretty crowded and filled with laughters and chatters of mostly westerners, compared to Petitenget (which is a stone throw away from Sea Circus), this place was contrastingly more popular and loved by common youngsters.

Very interesting menu they have. Would've tried the Sin City from Hangover Happy Meals if I was suffering from a hangover, Panadols were included in the meal to cure the headache. Cheeky.

Sea Circus was busy but the food didn't take that long to arrive.

I ordered the Standard Egg, which seemed to look like a very basic western breakfast, just the way I love it.

My usual, hot mocha, and a coconut ball (this was better than Petitenget's as it was fluffier)

Guy ordered the Chilli Scrambled Eggs on toast, I took a bite, it was pretty spicy.

After having Made's Warung's amazing mango juice (read day 1), Guy was craving for mango juice and he ended up being disappointed because this was more like an ice blended mango juice, no where near Made's.

Compared to Petitenget Restaurant, Guy and I still prefer the food quality and ambience of Petitenget as it was quieter, but maybe that's because we both have old souls.

Nevertheless, Sea Circus gave off a cosy, home-made vibe in overall, plus it makes a great photo stop!

The valet at Sea Circus will gladly take pictures for you as well :)

After the satisfying breakfast, we began our journey to Ubud, but before that, we made a stop at the convenience store to stock up on water just in case we get thirsty.

Was feeling slightly nostalgic because we're returning this little guy tomorrow.

And at the end of the road, I found my house in Seminyak! For those who doesn't know, Rumah means house in Indonesian, and so, this is Ashley's house!

A really beautiful exterior I would say, wonder how it looks like on the inside, but I'm more curious about the owner.

With the help of Waze, finding our way to Ubud was real easy, we didn't get lost during our entire journey and I'm pretty proud of that. Weather was amazing that day as well, but make sure to put lots of sunscreen on if you're travelling on a scooter because I did put a decent amount but still got tan lines on my shoulders and feet. Once you get to Ubud, you'll see beautifully green paddy fields on both sides of the road, it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, I would've taken a picture but I was on a moving vehicle and Guy wouldn't let me stop for photographs so I took mental pictures instead. Just imagine, bright blue sky, big fluffy white clouds and refreshingly green paddy fields with farmers wearing cone-shaped hat, felt so unreal, like a painting, except it was real.

Also, Ubud has more greens compared to the busy Kuta so do expect the wind to be cooler, especially at night, I did not know about this and shivered my way back to our hotel at night.

Our Ubud day trip which I should call a food trip because it became an unexpected food trip. So yea, our Ubud food trip began with a visit to Warung Rai Pasti. I was pretty proud of myself for discovering this hidden gem, because almost everybody knows about the famous Ibu Oka Babi Guling (suckling pig) in Ubud, but only a small amount of people know that Rai Pasti, the sister restaurant of Ibu Oka, serves Ibu Oka's Babi Guling as well, plus it comes with a splendid paddy field view. 

But then now that I told you, more people will know about it, shit.

Walk till the very end of the restaurant and you'll be mesmerised by the breathtaking paddy field view, tables are limited so make sure to get there earlier or during non-peak hours, we got there about 11 plus a.m so we managed to get a good table but as we were eating our meal, more and more people  started to flood in. Maybe this place wasn't that much of a hidden gem after all.

Of course we've got to try the Ibu Oka Babi Guling.

Ordered a coconut and it was humungous, I love it!

We ordered the mixed Babi Guling that comes with bits of each type of sucking pig there is, including the meat, crispy skin, fried and sausage. Comes with white rice, chilli, and really spicy vege, be cautious of the cili padi!

One food off our bucket list! Now, it was time to explore the Monkey Forest Road and see what treasures we could find.

Randomly walked into an alley and it brought us to paradise. This should be a resort if I'm not wrong, so much greens, so beautiful.

Also randomly walked into a bungalow/villa to explore and it looked amazing! I mean come on, look at this!

Initially wanted to visit Ganesha bookstore which is pretty famous among tourists but I was too lazy to go look for it so I settled with this tiny (don't get tricked by the wide angle lens!) one that sells used books located in an alley. There were French, Japanese and a few other foreign language books, the whole store felt so vintage I was in love.

Managed to score myself a book that has been on my reading list with half the price, and in pretty great condition too! Maybe it's just me but there's something with buying used books that really intrigues me, because when I'm flipping through the pages, I wonder about how the previous owner is like and how did he/she feel about the book and such, and I'll probably never get my answers to those, it's really fascinating.

There were many bookstores and cool cafes in Ubud central, so for me, Ubud felt like the really chill hipster while Kuta was more like the popular kid in school.

We walked into this place not knowing what it is, and till today, we still have no idea what this place is, but no one seemed to care so we went in and took some pictures, and I realised it looks very similar to the place where Elizabeth met Ketut in the movie Eat, Pray, Love, but then again, I think a lot of houses in Ubud looks like this, so.... I was eating some Gelato to beat the heat by the way.

A football field where kids are flying their kites. Bali sells the most awesome kites too, I've seen a huge one with a tiger's face on it.

Randomly opening fancy looking doors again.

Went into an air-conditioned souvenir shop to get some Kopi Luwak (famous Balinese coffee, which is also on the pricier side). Oh penis statues/beer openers/key chains are sold in every other shop too.

While on our way to the spa, we noticed this cute little store called Kou Cuisine, Guy and I went crazy and bought almost the whole store. Basically they sell hand made jams and salts made out of natural and locally sourced ingredients. The packaging and concept were very simple and we loved it.

The milk caramel flavour was the best seller so we bought 2 jars. We also bought almost all of the flavours but I am not going to take pictures to show you because you'll freak. It is priced at IDR40k per jar which is RM12. Do visit them if you plan on travelling to Ubud! These make excellent souvenirs.

Bali sells a huge variety of dreamcatchers as well, you can easily get them anywhere in both Ubud and Kuta. But make sure to bargain because the first price they offer is usually inflated, I got mine at IDR30k for 2 (less than RM5 per piece).

After all the shopping, we walked over to Verona Spa with the recommendation of a blogger I stumbled on to while doing my research on Ubud. The place is quite hidden as you need to walk down an alley to get to them but here's their website and you can find the location there.

We got the room facing a gorgeous paddy field, and it is partially open-aired. A farmer even walked past while we were taking our flower bath but what the heck right? We're in Bali, au naturale!

The spa treatment we got was the Javanese Lulur, where you'll get an hour of massage (loved it!), then get your dead skin scrubbed off with Lulur (some kind of rice powder), then they'll cover your body with soothing yogurt (which is actually edible), and when all that's done, jump into the relaxing flower bath. Sounds like heaven already right? Well it was, and I highly recommend this place because the spa was barely occupied (privacy is one important criteria for me), and you'll get a very unique experience as this spa offers a more traditional Balinese spa and you get to try out something different than your usual.

Guy really really wanted to try Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck), also another famous must-try in Ubud, Bali, so we paid a visit there and just shared one of their most classic crispy duck dish. It comes with rice, a bunch of different chills, and veges. The duck was meant for 1 person so it was relatively small but we still enjoyed sharing it because we knew we had more food coming our way. I love love loved the crispy duck skin, it was crispy (duh), fragrant and crispy (so crispy I need to emphasise). The restaurant is lovely as well, basically a huge garden with lots of flowers and trees, a really relaxing place I would say.

We then rode our scooter to the famous Naughty Nuri's Warung. Well known among tourists and locals for their finger licking good pork ribs, this place was jam packed with hungry and satisfied customers. Guy and I didn't manage to eat the ribs right away and had to takeaway for tomorrow because we don't want to be too full for our dinner at Mozaic later. So review for the Naughty Nuri's ribs will have to wait till the next post!

We hopped on over to Mozaic, which is a few shops down the road from Naughty Nuri's Warung. Mozaic is an award winning (including Top 10 best restaurant in Asia 2010 and many more) fine dining restaurant that serves modern international Balinese cuisine. And we are very proud to say that we have tasted the artwork of chef and owner of Mozaic, Chris Salans, who has a strong background in culinary, and enjoyed it.

Upon entering, we were escorted to their lounge and have a look at their menus. I have to say, I almost instantly forgot that I am still in Bali because the place was so posh and chic, I thought I was back in Kuala Lumpur.


We picked the Chef's Tasting Menu which consists of a beautifully crafted six course meal.

Their menu is available on their website if you'd like to view, google "Mozaic Bali".

Complimentary...something. Don't remember and I still don't know what it is, but it tasted like heaven. The shell was something like a cream puff shell, very crispy but easy to bite, and in it was liquid that tasted like cream and cheese and a little extra something something which I didn't bother to find out, but it was amazing, and I wanted to leave it at that.

Our lounge drinks arrived. I ordered the rose champagne cocktail, and Guy ordered the 007 martini. Both were great.

Once our table was ready, we were then escorted further into the restaurant. The dining area is outdoors with perfectly placed trees all around us, which served as natural air conditioning, the weather and temperature was just perfect. Let's see how many times I'll mention the word 'perfect'.

Complimentary bread with the best salted butter I've ever tasted.

This marks the beginning of our fabulous six course meal, some raw fish thingy which tasted amazing.

Since I've realised I have no idea what are the dishes I had, I am not even going to bother to name or explain them, and I'll just let the pictures do the talking, plus the menu is on their website already anyway.

Foie Gras which we both least enjoyed, it's not the Foie Gras, I'm pretty sure it was tip top world class, it's just us, we have poor people taste buds.

The lamb, our favourite.

You can opt to take a break during the meal and relax at the lounge because the portions may look small, but it actually is very filling and quite exhausting.

The chocolate mousse was heaven!

Bite sized chocolates to end the meal.

I think it took us almost 3 hours to finish the meal, cheers to a job well done!

The bill came out to be IDR3.5mil, almost RM1k, but for the service, ambience, food, drinks and the overall experience, I think it's worth trying at least once in a lifetime. 

If you're not looking to spend as much money for fine dining, Mozaic do have a beach club in Seminyak as well with a poolside lounge, tapas bar and best of all, a la carte fine dining so that you don't have to go through all six courses.

After that, we carried our food babies (and the Naughty Nuri's ribs in our backpack) on the scooter and rode back to Kuta. Take note: no petrol stations are open after about 10pm so make sure to fuel up beforehand, but even if you didn't you'll find some shops along the road selling petrol in Absolut Vodka bottles, that is what happened to us, thank God for Vodka bottle petrol! Oh and pack extra outerwear too because it is quite chilly during nighttime in Ubud and especially if you're traveling on a scooter at 80km/h, it feels as cold as the poles.

That's it for day 3! Day 4 will be short but I'll be adding some additional information and our complete 4 days itinerary summary as well so stay tuned! Follow me on my social media sites (links in sidebar) if you want to get instant notifications. Xx

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