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4D3N in Bali: DAY 2

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1. My Bali vacation is NOT a sponsored trip, I am NOT paid to advertise for anyone or any place.
2. I went to Bali with a friend and for the sake of his privacy I would name him "GUY" in the entire Bali blog post series.

Kuta Angel Hotel: (booked through
Water sports package:

Window view from our hotel room.

It was an eventful day ahead for Guy and I. Woke up at about 8.15am to get ready for breakfast at Petitenget Restaurant located in Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak. Found out about this posh dining place when I read about a few bloggers raving about the breakfasts at The Tuck Shop which was unfortunately burned down by a fire, and the owner then opened the Petitenget Restaurant.

After about 15minutes of scooter ride from our hotel, we arrived at the very quiet and barely occupied Petitenget Restaurant (could be because it was a Sunday morning and everyone must have been suffering from a hangover still). By the way, searching for the place was a breeze thanks to the Waze app, but holding the phone on a moving scooter was pretty scary I gotta admit.

Their menus are available on their website too, just google "Petitenget Restaurant Bali".

We were given complimentary muffins with blueberry jam.

Guy ordered a hot chocolate (left) and I ordered a hot mocha, each drink came with a coconut ball which I really enjoyed.

Sipping my mocha while enjoying the calming view.

Our orders arrived in about 10 minutes. No very fancy decoration but the portions were considered to be huge for us. Simple but charismatic, not sure if charismatic can be used for food but that's how I felt about them, even their coffee art, nothing crazy delicate or new but they are bold and fashionable.

This is what I mean. Their omelette is as big as Guy's palm, which is almost equivalent to the length of one and a half iPhone5.

Guy ordered the Omelette #2, which is omelette wrapped with tomatoes, spinach, mushroom and cheese. It was so good Guy kept talking about it non-stop, and it's true, it was awesome.

The Omelette #2 comes with toasts and butter too.

I got a ham sandwich with cheese on top, called something along the line of Sandwich Monsieur? This tasted absolutely delicious as well.

If you're planning to make a trip to Bali, this place is a must try!

Well, you know what they say, it's the little things that count. The valet at the restaurant will kindly cover your scooter seat with a sarong for you to prevent buttock burns after parking under the scorching sun.

After our delicious breakfast, we rushed back to the hotel because the people from Bali Jet Set is picking us up at 10.30am from the hotel to their private beach at Nusa Dua for our whole day of water activities. When we got back to the hotel, the driver and our guide from Bali Jet Set were already at the lobby waiting for us with a bright blue cap just like Rhonda - the P.I.C that liaised with me when I made my advance booking, who is also the owner of Bali Jet Set - told me. 

Now, before I continue on with my day with Bali Jet Set, I would like to explain a little bit about the company and the package I booked, which is the Eat, Play, Love package. Bali Jet Set offers many types of activities, both a la carte and packages, and the reason I picked them for my marine sports is because they own a private beach and all the activities including your tour guide, instructors and driver will only cater to you the whole duration, so that you don't have to wait or cramp with other groups of family or couples, it's a dream come true. I've attached their website on the top of this post so do check them out if you wish to know more about the activities and rates they offer. The Eat, Play, Love package lasts for 7 hours, including water activities (snorkelling, wake boarding, parasailing, banana boat/donut, jet ski, flying fish), lunch, drinks, spa, transportation, insurance, waterproof camera which all the pictures taken will be put into a CD with your picture on it, and necessities like towels, soaps, locker, etc. The package costs USD225 (RM714) per person, which I think is absolutely reasonable considering the privacy and quality of service you get.

Chillin' in our private BMW sent from Bali Jet Set which is included in our package.

After a 20 minute ride from Kuta, we arrive at Bali Jet Set's HQ in Nusa Dua, the owner, Rhonda loves dogs and has rescued quite a number of them so be prepared to be welcomed by adorable fur kids when you arrive, but don't worry, they're super friendly.

Complimentary drinks were served, a picture album of all the activities they provide was shown, and Rhonda even came up to greet us and chit chat with us a little while we settle down.

We changed into our swimming attires, put on our sunblock, got our equipments (snorkelling gear, life jacket, fins) fitted and we're ready to go!

On our private snorkelling boat.

Our instructor Rio behind me.

Wind was a bit strong for snorkelling but what the heck, it's still a beautiful day and nothing's gonna stop us from having a great time.

Now, I have quite a bit of fear for the ocean (not the beach, just the ocean) and a literal phobia of fish larger than the size of my palm, hence I only opt for snorkelling and not scuba diving, and trust me, my heart was beating like cray while snorkelling already.

Luckily, the fish were only iPhone-sized so I managed to pull through.

 But first, let me take a #selfie?

Guy took off his fins and life jacket and swam deeper down the water.

 I'm a scaredy cat so the most I could do was to take off the life jacket and stay on the surface of the water.

A good 50 minutes of snorkelling later, we were starving, and it's time for our seafood lunch!

After getting back to the Bali Jet Set HQ by the beach, we took a quick shower and were escorted upstairs to a private dining area with a splendid view of the beach.

Random but I really like this marble print tissue box, where to get?!

This was our view.

And of course, pictures with the beautiful view is mandatory.

Not long after, our 3 course meal began with a very appetising salad.

Carried on with one whole sardine and lobster paired with white rice, chicken satay and vegetables for each of us.

Our tour guide came up to make sure everything was alright and took some pictures for us.

Last but not least, dessert which consists of traditional Indonesian Kue, strawberry ice cream and fresh tropical fruits.

After the meal, we took a 20 minute rest to prevent ourselves from throwing all the delicious lunch we had up and went on with the rest of our water activities.

Flying fish was probably both me and Guy's favourite, you basically lie flat on where we are sitting in the picture above, grab on to the handle, and the whole thing will be dragged by a speedboat, when the speedboat takes a sharp turn, the "fish" will start flying, and we'll be standing up straight, it was amazing and a whole new experience. The person who thought of this is a genius!

The face of pure joy.

Next up, was parasailing.

I have always loved parasailing, the staff at Bali Jet Set gives you really clear instructions on how to land so everything was as easy as ABC.

Jet Ski was really fun and thrilling but me being a scaredy cat as always didn't quite dare to go on its maximum speed, but still I enjoyed it very much, my instructor sitting at the back? Probably not so much, haha!

Next, we went on the water donut ride and same as the flying fish, we didn't know what to expect.

Basically, the speedboat will turn round and round in one spot and swings the donut around it really really fast.

And I meant FAST.

Last but definitely not least, we went on with our final water activity of the day, Wakeboarding, which turned out to be the hardest of all.

We had to watch a video tutorial on wakeboarding because it was the first time for both of us, and this was our face of underestimating wakeboarding thanks to the people in the video that made it all look so easy peasy.

On the speedboat with my board on the way to the perfect wakeboarding spot.

The beautiful sky.

I managed to get up on the surface of the water for a good 30 seconds and I swear it was and probably will be the greatest achievement of my life. It requires so much energy to just get up on the water and resisting the pull of the speedboat while trying to balance your body all at the same time.

I am telling you, it is not as easy as it looks.

Fell back into the water. 
And after the first try, I wasn't able to get myself back up again and drank about a litre of sea water.

Our instructor showing us the real way (not our pussy way) of wakeboarding.

My battle scars. 
Including a ripped shirt (I loved that shirt D:), bruised arms and knuckles and sore shoulders and thighs. 

But all the pain went away when I saw the absolutely breathtaking sunset at the beach. #nofilter

After settling the bill, Rhonda passed us our CDs with all of our pictures in it and we parted ways as our driver and guide took us to the spa to end the fun-filled day.

Jari Menari a.k.a Dancing Fingers is said to be the best spa around town.

The spa sells all of their tools and equipments at the storefront, including their sarong which was of a great material and I kind of regret not buying.

The spa session lasted for 75 minutes and it was truly relaxing. Guy and I wanted to visit Jimbaran Bay and have our dinner there because the place is really famous for their sunset and seafood by the beach, though we have already missed the sunset, we were still pretty gung-ho about making a trip there. We initially thought of going back to the hotel and ride our scooter there but our guide and driver very diligently offered to drop us there and that they will make sure the restaurant will get us a transport back to our hotel, so why not? And we're very glad we rerouted to Jimbaran Bay straight instead or we wouldn't have made it for dinner because they close at around 11pm.

There are countless of seafood restaurants on the entire stretch of beach offering pretty much the same thing at about the same price but we went to Lia Cafe with the recommendations of many fellow Malaysian bloggers.

The ambience was really romantic and relaxing. Candles, feet in the sand, sound of the waves, live music performance, and stars in the sky, oh how I wish I'm back there now.

We ordered the packet C which comes with appetiser, clams, prawns, crabs, lobsters, vegetables, rice, soup, dessert (watermelons) and 2 small Bintang beers meant for 2 pax.

Everything was great except for the lobster which we had extremely high hopes for (damn you Boston lobster from Thirty8 - inside joke), the lobsters weren't very fresh though the seasoning was good overall but the pastiness of the lobster meat was really distracting. Still, it could be because we went over pretty late, around 9.30pm.

Lia Cafe's staff got us a metered cab and it cost us IDR50k (RM15) to get from Jimbaran Bay back to our hotel, and we called it a night.

See you in my Day 3 post! Xx

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