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4D3N in Bali: DAY 1

Hey all! If you follow my Instagram (@ashleyahn), you probably would've known that I made a trip to Bali recently. It was a pretty short trip I would say, 4 days 3 nights to be exact, there were so many places on my list that I couldn't visit because a) obvious, we only had 4 days, which were actually 3 days because our flight back was at 1pm and b) a human body can only take so much.

I will be writing about all the activities I've done, the details of all the places, and companies I got services from to provide you some additional information if you're planning to make a trip there, and also for my own memories. This will be a blog post series and you are reading about my day 1! But before I start, here's a few disclaimers to make:

1. My Bali vacation is NOT a sponsored trip, I am NOT paid to advertise for anyone or any place.
2. I went to Bali with a friend and for the sake of his privacy I would name him "GUY" in the entire Bali blog post series.

Now, with that out of the way, let's begin!

My Bali trip was a pretty spontaneous one I would say, it was only decided at the beginning of the month July and I was scheduled to leave in 2 weeks time. After having my flight tickets booked, I did my research on the island whenever I had time, and this is when I realised the power of the web (and google maps), I found all of my details and the must-visit places from other tourists' reviews, so the point here is,


I have been to Bali once, about 7 years ago, when I was about 15 years old, and honestly, at that age, I didn't know how to really enjoy a vacation, so there weren't much I could remember except for the kick ass Hard Rock hotel I stayed in and the beautiful sunset at Uluwatu while watching the Kecak dance. After doing my research, I've found out about so many interesting places to visit in the beautiful Bali island and literally couldn't wait for my trip to begin (Boss, if you're reading this, it should explain my half-heartedness during work for the past week because my heart, mind and soul were already in Bali).

Flight ticket, hotel, airport transfer, water sports package and our scooter which was our main form of transportation in the island were booked in advance.

Flight ticket from Malaysia Airline:
Kuta Angel Hotel: (booked through
Airport transfer (Home to KLIA):
Airport transfer (Ngurah Rai International Airport to Hotel): provided by Kuta Angel Hotel with additional charges (IDR150k for one way)
Water sports package (will explain more on DAY 2 post):
Airport transfer (KLIA to Home): grabbed an airport taxi at the airport

My experience with all of my advance bookings were great, no major problems, everyone gave their replies and confirmation very promptly, everything went really smooth. I made an online booking with TuneCab the day before my flight, an SMS confirmation was provided within 5 minutes along with all the details including the driver's name and contact number. My pick-up time was 6am and the driver called the night before to double confirm my address and he came at 6am sharp to pick us up. I would also say that TuneCab offers the lowest and most reasonable rates to KLIA.

Took Business class this time, no special reason, but I really enjoyed the luxury of it. The Golden Lounge, in-flight entertainment, food, comfortable seat, free flow champagne and the fuss free no queue process were all really enjoyable. I'm not sure if I can go back to Economy class now.

Took the Stuffed Crepe with Apple as my main course.

Stopping Guy from moving so that I can take a picture.

My reading material for the flight.

Just my matching flip flops and MAS blanket.

After a good 3 hours, we have arrived! The island looks so beautiful from above already.

Our aircraft.

Went through immigration and saw the represent from our hotel (Kuta Angel) waiting for us with our name plate right outside the arrival hall. This is when I start the non-stop blabbering about how nice and friendly people in Bali are.

On our ride to the hotel, our driver let us stopped by a telco store so that we could get our Indonesian SIM card. This played a crucial role during our entire Bali trip because we needed the Waze app to get around the island. A SIM card with prepaid 2GB data cost us IDR150k if I remember it correctly, there were 5GB option as well but 2GB was more than enough for 4D3N.

Kuta Angel hotel is located only 10 to 15 minutes drive away from the Ngurah Rai International Airport, and also really close by Hard Rock hotel and Kuta beach.

The entire hotel is covered with white ceramic circus-esque decoration which I found to be very stylish, and really serves as a landmark along the whole stretch of street.

After checking in, we were given welcome drinks while waiting for our room to be ready, tasted fairly delicious.

I guess this is part of the reason why I chose Kuta Angel as our accommodation, they do not use numbers or alphabets for their rooms but instead, each room has a unique name mostly of urban slangs, though some were pretty sad like Everlasting Virgin and Hit&Run. Lucky enough we got Before and After.

We were escorted to our room by a hotel staff, he gave us a quick briefing of all the things we need to know about the room. The room we got was the Deluxe Sapphire room, which is a standard double room, no breakfast included because you really don't need hotel breakfast in Bali (you'll know why in the next post). The price we got were USD143.49 for 3 nights.

Coffee/Tea making station, which is also my makeup/skincare station.

Bathroom is considered small but sufficient for the two of us. Comes with a rain shower head too!

After settling down for about 20 minutes, the guy from Bali4Ride (Scooter Rental) came over to drop off our scooter.

Got ourselves a blue Honda Scoopy which looks closest to a Vespa (which I really wanted but had to give up because of the ridiculously expensive rate), the rental cost us IDR150k for 3 days which is almost equivalent to RM45.

Rode the scooter around to find a petrol station, fuel was dirt cheap as well, about IDR12k (RM3.30) for full tank.

After that, we went to Made's Warung, which is a very well-known restaurant located dangerously close to our hotel, only 3 minutes walk away.

We were still pretty bloated from the airplane food so we didn't go as crazy as we would with ordering our food.

Ordered the Nasi Goreng a la Made (pronounced Ma-deh) with the recommendation of the waiter.

And the pork ribs with the recommendation of a stranger from Foursquare.

Both dishes were pretty awesome and delicious but none can beat the star of the show. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, the best Mango Juice you'll ever taste in your entire lifetime.

I swear, both me and Guy swear, we had never tasted a mango juice THIS good, I can't even describe. Ok, first the texture, it was really creamy and gooey, which naturally people will expect it to be somewhat similar to an ice blended mango smoothie, BUT NO!

It has zero traces of ice in it, it is all MANGO MANGO and MANGO. It had the perfect balance of sweet and sour, not too cold nor warm, it was perfect. I wouldn't call it a mango "juice" but rather mango puree to be exact. It was so concentrated, sipping it with a straw was a chore. Hands down the best drink we had in Bali.

After the scrumptious meal, we rode our scooter down to Kuta Beach and went on discovering the neighbourhood.

At about sunset time, we went to La Plancha, a vibrant Spanish Beach Bar & Restaurant along Mesari Beach to watch the sunset, which didn't happen because the weather was too cloudy, but we had a great time at La Plancha anyway.

Don't the colours just make you super happy and full of energy?

We didn't manage to get a beanbag table but we were still pretty contented with the spot we got.

Our view.

I don't know how but La Plancha serves incredibly cold beers it is unbelievable. #beachyhairdontcare

Ordered some snacks to go with our beer. The top picture is fried calamari and bottom is fried sardine fillet. Both were acceptably decent. Price wise, not super cheap.

La Plancha is a great place to just chill, drink some beer and snack with your friends while watching dogs and surfer boys. This place also gave me a huge urge to buy a beanbag home but it would be a real fuss to bring it back so I gave up.

Guy and I were supposed to go clubbing at Sky Garden along Jalan Legian but he was too tired so we just spent the night watching TV at the hotel. 

Stay tuned for DAY 2! Xx

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