Friday, May 30, 2014

Glasses Makeup

I have been suffering from short-sightedness and astigmatism since primary school and no doubt it is a party pooper. Even though there are types of really amazing looking contact lenses out there in the market, having to wear foreign objects on your eyeballs will never be as comfortable as completely bare, where your eyeballs can get fresh oxygen and their total freedom, no matter how comfortable the contact lenses claim to be.

I used to dread putting on contact lenses especially early in the morning, because the sting is just so unbearable. And do I need to mention the annoyance of drying contact lenses eating up your eyeballs?? I honestly have endless complains on contact lenses and I still wear them on a daily basis when I'm out and about, but lately, I've been trying to give my eyes a break by wearing my glasses out instead.

Wearing glasses with makeup can be a little tricky though, but once you know the tricks, your eyeballs will thank you. Here are some of the tips from GlassesOnline which I find to be incredibly useful, and I am also personally adapting into my makeup routine.

Hope this inspires you to rock your spectacles more often, because they can most definitely spruce up and complete your outfit once you get it right! 

Good Luck :)
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