Thursday, May 8, 2014

Addiction Confessions

Hey all, I've been fairly addicted to these few things lately, the list consists of the most random things in life, but that's the best there is ain't it?

1. Lion's Den by Jhameel
I am loving Jhameel's new album Lion's Den. His voice and singing technique kinda remind me of Michael Jackson singing a mainstream boy band's songs, something like that. I'm the worst in describing music, seriously.

I've been following him ever since I listened to his catchy song "Waves" which all of you should check out asap, and to save you all the trouble, I'll embed it down here for you.

2. We Heart It
I don't know why I got started so late, I knew about We Heart It long long time ago (who doesn't know?), but just never got around to sign up an account for it, but recently I did out of boredom and I'm so glad I did.
I use it more often with the We Heart It app on my iPhone, it's just so addictiveee!!!!! I admit some pictures can be very cheesy and childish on it but I especially LOVE the food pictures on there, so amazing!

You can follow me at @ashleyahn :)

3. Amateur Surgeon 3
This is a game, a very addictive game, fuh real fuh real. Kinda gross so if you're not into cartoonized body parts and blood, etc, don't play this game.

It's basically a game of performing surgeries on ridiculous injuries with amateur tools like a stapler, lighter, chainsaw, pizza cutter and etc. Pretty gruesome, but if you're into that kinda thing like me, you'll love it!
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