Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I have a confession to make, and I'm bringing a lot of courage into admitting it and actually doing something about it, so don't judge!


I've been collecting beauty products and storing them in my drawers with the mindset of "Oh no worries, I'll get to use it one day", and that day never came, probably it will but by then all the products might be expired.

I tried giving some of them away to my friends (you are all welcome), but it's honestly a little upsetting giving away something you like and expect nothing in return, it does make me happy for giving and putting a smile on their faces, but it's good to be on the receiving end once in a while.

Anyway, I finally decided to set up a very simple blog shop to sell most of my beauty products that I've been storing for a zombie apocalypse because I was hoping being pretty can avoid getting my brains eaten. 

Or you can just click on the 'STORE' button on the top tab right under my blog header after you finish reading this post

All the beauty products I'll be letting go are 100% ORIGINAL, some are still sealed in the packaging, some are opened but only for me to take pictures and that's it, I have not touched or used them, and they are definitely not expired, because I got all of them at the end of last year.

The prices are definitely cheaper than their retail selling price, AT LEAST 50% OFF that's for sure.

And if you're interested in... lets say a lipstick, I recommend searching online for swatches and reviews to see if you really like it, because I'm only opening them up to take pictures for you, so for some products that I haven't tried personally, I'll have no idea how good or bad it is. Or another option is to go to the store and try it out yourself first, then buy from me for a cheaper price.

All the pictures on Shop Guns&Glitters are taken by me of the actual products, and I try my best to make the colour of the product as similar as the actual one. If you ever need more images for reference, you can feel free to email me at to make a request and I'll get back to you with it ASAP.

I already have a few products up on the blog already, like Anna Sui's and Topshop Makeup.
I also have products from Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Dior and Lancome in stock which I'll be putting up within these few days.

Most of the products I have are of very limited quantity, mostly just one or two, so it will be sold in a first-come-first-serve basis.

I will also be selling some of my pre-loved clothing/accessories and sponsored items away to clear out my wardrobe, so stay tuned for that. I already have some sunnies and frames on the website that I barely used so go check it out if you wanna.

Shop Guns&Glitters also has an Instagram account so go follow! But bare in mind that the official Tumblr page will have more information and images.

I guess that's about it, hope I didn't leave out anything. All payment and shipping information is on Shop Guns&Glitters, and you can always leave me a message or email me if you have any questions, so alright, happy shopping loves! <3

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