Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Printic Experience

Hey guys! I know I haven't been blogging in a while, but I would just like to update you with what's going on lately.

First of all, new camera! I posted this on Instagram 3 days ago. Traded in my old Nikon D5000, topped up a little money and got myself a brand new Sony Nex 5T, which is the latest model of Sony's Nex series. Now, I don't know much about cameras, but thank god I had a friend with me to talk me into buying this one instead of my other cheaper option, which is the Casio ZR-1200, but then again the Sony Nex 5T was my initial choice from the beginning and I'm glad I stuck with it (I get influenced easily and I have issues making decisions when it comes to shopping).

If you were wondering where I traded in my old camera, as I was getting a few questions here and there regarding this, the camera store I traded and bought was Miyamondo, at Damansara Uptown, they have a few branches located among Klang Valley so search them up online if you're interested. I also got my new Sony at a relatively cheaper price compared to official Sony stores, local retailer and even some online vendors.

Enough of my camera talk and back to what we're here for, PRINTIC! (Note: all images -except for the phone screenshots- posted below are taken with the Sony Nex 5T in 'Retro' mode, hence the yellowish filter done on purpose, no extra editing)

So, Printic, which is a mobile app that basically prints out any images of your choice into a polaroid form, approached me some time ago allowing me to try out their service and do a review.

***I was sponsored with 12 in-app credit (1 credit/image; 3 credits/address)

The free app's homepage consists of easily navigational buttons for you to select your products.

I love how straightforward and vibrant the homepage looks like, there's also a sidebar when you slide the screen to your right with your finger that enables you to navigate through your account, orders, credits and help pages.

The app allows you to select pictures from 3 different places including your phone's camera album, Instagram (thank god for this), and Facebook.

Once you've selected the pictures that you want to print, you can insert any caption to go with the image, or simply leaving it blank according to your preference.

And after checking out, all you have to do is wait. The delivery time frame differs according to your location.

Snail Mail.

It was supposed to arrive in 3-5 days time, but mine came later than expected probably due to the holiday season. Well anyway, I'm glad I still received it in the end.

Envelope within an envelope, with the logo printed on their vibrantly themed orange.

Pictures are printed on high quality glossy paper.

Also sent it to one of my oldest friends that is currently studying in the UK, and this is the photo she sent me after receiving it.

1) Able to select pictures from multiple platform.
2) Easy navigation.
3) Great quality paper.
4) Free shipping.
5) Able to send it to your friends and family all around the world by keying in multiple addresses.
6) App is FREE.

1) No caption font selection.
2) No in-app filters.
3) Delivery time issues.

I'm generally really pleased with the app, except for the unavailability of font selections. I'm a total font girl, and the fixed font bothers me quite a lot, but a solution for that is to just leave it blank for print and handwrite it when you receive it in the mail, which also adds a touch of personality, but then again you won't be able to handwrite it if you're mailing it to your friends and family of different addresses, anyway, lets just hope Printic comes up with some cute font selections soon.

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