Wednesday, January 15, 2014

AJ's 21st Birthday

A majorly delayed post but better late than never right?

AJ and I are only 12 days apart on our birthdays, mine marks the beginning of the 12 days of Christmas and hers, the end.

She held an all red house party celebrating her, her mom's, her boyfriend's and also her sister's boyfriend's birthdays all at once, putting Chinese New Year which is right around the corner into account, hence the ALL RED theme.

Top: Cotton On // Bottom: Topshop Leigh Jeans

Didn't dress up as much since it's a house party.

Dropped by Balloon Buzz on the way to AJ's house to get her a balloon bouquet.

Birthday girl approved!

And everybody started taking pictures with it during the party including me, we also used it for another purpose which I'll get into later on.

p/s Spent half an hour doing my hair and all the curls went flat thanks to the rainy weather.

I'm sorry I had to skip the whole food part because the food was way too delicious for anybody to take pictures, it was done Chinese buffet style and everybody was cramped around the food table as if stocking up for an apocalypse. But my point is, THE FOOD WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Picture above is AJ and her lemon cheese birthday cake that her sister made for her.

This picture is way too formal it makes me laugh, lol!

Now this is more like it, haha!

I made her my 3 ingredients cheesecake just for her.

I think this one was my best one ever because I added 2 more ingredients which are lemon and orange marmalade.

A groupie with all the KC-ians (KC stands for Kuen Cheng, which is my high school), and I'm the oldest among all :/

Babydoll Newnew, next one to turn 21!

Ok, now at the end of the party, we decided to play with the Helium gas from the balloon bouquet since it will only last for about 8 hours, and this is the outcome.

Please excuse my sweatiness, the weather was REAL humid and on top of that imagine being in a nearly 50 pax crowd with the humidity.

Great example of "ROTFLMAO"

An amazing night to celebrate the birth of such an amazing person.

Love you long time, my dear!

The Powerpuff Girls!

Fellow KC-ians


***Pictures courtesy of AJ

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