Monday, January 13, 2014

120113 - Papers and Potatoes

Hey all! I was wondering if I should start doing a weekly vlogging thing since I got this new camera, we'll see how that turns out at the end of the week then.

Quick update on my Sony Nex-5T, I am loving it so far, still trying to figure things out, as you know my camera knowledge is really poor, but I am very happy with my purchase and it has motivated me to take more pictures and blog, so I guess it's a great thing.

I was awake for about 21 hours yesterday, went out for a jog at 7.30am in the morning and that has probably energised my brain a little excessively.

It's the new year so I thought I might change my wallpapers that I've been having for years.

Love the vibrant colours and the calendar of the month from Going Home to Roost.

My current read, yes it's Mitch Albom again.

Finished The Five People You Meet in Heaven last week, didn't make me cry as hard as his other books, but the part when Eddie met his wife was really touching.

There's always this extra something when you read an actual book instead of a digital one, though it is a whole lot friendlier to our environment.

Mom made me my favourite Korean Ramyeon for lunch yesterday, throwing my morning jog out the window.

This is my all time favourite because the noodle is extra springy and chewy.

I'd say it's a pretty rare find in Malaysia, but I got mine from Presto, Citta Mall's Korean food corner, and I think the Korean grocery stores in Korea towns should carry this as well.

Try it if you're tired of the usual Shin, Jin or whatever like myself.

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