Sunday, January 19, 2014

100th Post - 180114 Picture Diary

1. Finally out of the house after daysss! Great opportunity to test out my new camera, taken with Sony Nex-5T, no extra filter or editing. Love how the skin beautifying option makes my skin look so flawless without overdoing it like some of the cameras out there.

2. BLAT Grilled Cheese Sandwich at The Bee

3. Churros with Nutella dipping

4. Finally visited Coffee Stain by Joseph at Publika

5. Ordered their Cool Cube (100% Arabia Columbia Ice Cube+Silk Milk), pretty interesting I would say

6. A random selfie test shot

7. 3D Ice Dark Chocolate, ordered it merely because of the 3D part, super cute!

8. Couldn't bare to ruin it >.<

9. But I still ruined it anyway. Taste wise, not so bad I suppose, it isn't very sweet or concentrated, yet I prefer it super kao. The cute foam cat made up for it though.

10. #OOTD

New milestone for Guns&Glitters, 100th post! More and more to come <3

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