Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Hi all! Today is my birthday!!! 

Well actually I don't really celebrate my birthdays but this time it's special because it's my 21st, and for Malaysians at least, it's a pretty big deal.

While brainstorming for party ideas, it was actually suppose to be a small BBQ party at my house celebrating my birthday, at the same time a housewarming party because we haven't had an open house since we moved into this new place. But anyhoo, in the end me and my mom decided that it would be more ideal to do it in a restaurant to save the trouble of cleaning up and all that nonsense, we both are very lazy as you can tell.

Choosing the date was easy, my actual birthday is on the 24th which is Christmas Eve, hence most people will be busy spending time with family, and that is why I chose to do it the weekend right before the 24th, which is the 21st.

When it came to the restaurant though, I didn't really have any idea of where to host it until I started preparing my e-invitation which you can see below.

In the beginning, me and my mom wanted to do it in a Korean restaurant which is at first a good idea because I'm part Korean, but the sad thing is that the restaurant has a not so pleasant name, it is called "Chicken House", and obviously it didn't go quite well with my e-invitation, so I settled with The Good Batch in Damansara Uptown instead, because I used to work around the area and have been to the place only once but was left with a very positive and strong impression with their excellent service, great food and unique concept.

I then began working closely with the restaurant's director, Caroline on how I want my party to be like, sorting out every single detail from the table arrangements, to a customised menu. The part I am most impressed with during the whole email and phone calls exchanging with Caroline is that her friendliness is out of this world, she remained polite the whole time even though I probably had too much to ask for and I could literally feel her smile through her emails, I wish people can be more like her.

Even after the party, I realised I left something at the restaurant and I had to call her at almost 1am, she still picked up with a happy tone, I was impressed, though I felt sorry for waking her up even more (Sorry Caroline!).

So, after a long month of preparation, it's THE DAY!

All dressed up!

Necklace: Topshop
Dress; Topshop
Heels: F21

By the time I got there, the tables were already nicely arranged, and all I had to do was to add my props and wait for my guests to arrive.

My customised menu.

The early birds.

And now the food is served!

I ordered the Hangover Mess out of the 4 main course selections.

Sadly I didn't manage to take pictures of the other 3 dishes, but I tried out the Portobello Road and it tasted amazing as well.

Was trying to smell the lemongrass from the drink I ordered, which is called The Good Ice Tea, please try if you ever get the chance!

While waiting for dessert, Amy had to leave for another birthday party so we had a little picture session before she goes.

Ester, Julie, Grace, Amy and me

The 5 of us in our fixed height arrangement since college days, wishing our friendship stays the same like this for many years to come.

Squeezing in a little smile update:
Went back to the doctor's office for a slight touch-up of Botox exactly a week before this picture was taken because the middle part of my lips still tend to go upwards, and I'm perfectly happy with the result even though I lost my whistling ability due to the weakened top lip muscle, but I don't even need to whistle (because people whistle at me, lol!) so what the heck!

After sending Amy off, dessert is served!

Banana Nutella Puff served with vanilla ice cream, the warm Nutella and banana oozing out of the perfectly crisped puff, paired with the refreshing ice cream, match made in heaven!!!

And now it's cake time :)

This year it was special because my ultimate best friend, AJ handmade me this no-bake Oreo Cheesecake specially for my party, nothing beats a special cake filled with love like this.

Cake in the making.

And here's the end result.

Wishing REAL hard.

Big girl with a big knife.

Mom and Uncle Ong

High school besties and their other halves:
(Left- Brien, Newnew / Right- Dylan, AJ)

My girlssss!

From the top left: Ester, Julie, Magdeline, Ika;
Bottom left: Grace, Mandy

And the boys,
 From left: Felix, Eric and Jason

Couldn't find any picture with Mr. Macho on my DSLR and this is all I got except for the polaroids.

I wonder whose phone/camera we were looking into in this picture, send it to me if you have it please!

At the end of the night, polaroids were taken and given to all my guests as a memento of the event.

Loving this picture of the 3 of us so much! Thank you both for being such amazing friends, being there for me no matter what, listening to my endless rants, and I know for a fact that even if the whole world turn against me, you girls will still be on my side. Powerpuff!


I would like to express my gratefulness towards Mandy and Jason for being my last-minute photographers, I wouldn't have all these beautiful pictures to remind me of the wonderful night if it wasn't for the 2 of you. Thank you guys so so so much! <3

And also especially to Mandy for helping me out from the beginning until the very end of the party, making sure I got the assistance that I needed, thanks for being such a wonderful and sincere friend, love you so much babe!

Special thanks:

-Kudos to the entire The Good Batch team for making sure my party runs smoothly, being patient and polite to me and my guests throughout the chaos. A huge hug of thanks to each of you and especially Caroline for helping me out to make sure everything is perfect. Can't ask for a better replacement to play such a big role on my big day!

Do follow their official FB page for more info:

-A big thank you to all my friends that made time to come celebrate this special occasion with me, and also for the lovely gifts, I love each and every single one of them, you guys make me feel so loved and cared for! <3 Hope you all enjoyed the night as much as I did.

-Thanks to Jasse for helping me entertain my guests with your awesome chatting skills, making sure none of them feel left out. What would I do without you?

Last but not least, to my dearest mother who made it all happen. Thanks for the truly amazing night filled with nothing but joy and happiness, also for standing by me through thick and thin. You're the best and most beautiful mom in the universe!!! Love you forever and ever and ever! <333

Cheers to a new chapter of life!

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