Saturday, November 16, 2013

WeChat x Secret Recipe Buy 1 Free 1 Exclusive Promo

***Read till the end to enjoy this once in a life time promo!

I'm always head over heels when I hear about special offers from WeChat, and yeap, here's nothing but another sweet deal from WeChat and Secret Recipe!

I believe both brands need no further introduction, so I'll skip the part where I talk about how awesome WeChat and Secret Recipe are because I'm sure we all know their level of awesomeness, and go straight into the media launch held last night at Secret Recipe, Oasis Square.

Complimentary WeChat plushies for all the guests, and of course, we girls ain't giving up a single opportunity to camwhore with it.

Met a few familiar and new faces at the event, which brought up numerous interesting conversations, and also a lot more selfie sessions (just when you thought those 3 up there were the last of it).

Still missing a bunch of pictures from the other bloggers' camera, but oh well, these will do for now.

Posing with all the blogger queens which I had so much fun with, was able to really bond with most of them and get to know each other better, it's time like this I live for.

Picture courtesy of Joshua Ong.

Secret Recipe's cakes were literally a luxury for me when I was younger, back then if you get a secret recipe cake for your birthday, you're the coolest kid on the block. But come to think about it, it still is a luxury for me, thanks to my never ending diet plan. And now with this special promo, my diet plan is officially a fail.

Just follow Secret Recipe's official WeChat account (ID: SecretRecipeMy) according to the instructions above, and enjoy this super sweet deal by purchasing one slice of cake while dining in and be entitled to receive another slice for free at any participating Secret Recipe outlets.

Now I can enjoy both of my favourite flavours, which are the New York cheesecake and Chocolate cheesecake at the price of one. Great, this is just great, #fatforever.

Only applicable from the 16th to 30th November so hurry, don't miss this insanely sweetening deal!

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