Monday, November 18, 2013

The Beginning of My Plastic Journey *Just Kidding

Ola mortals!

So, being partially South Korean as you may or may not know already, leads to many annoyingly interesting questions being thrown at your face throughout your whole life. One of the majorly asked questions and also which I love and hate the most is "Did you get plastic surgery?"

The reason I love it is because they probably asked due to the fact that they think I'm pretty, the kind of pretty that can't possibly be naturally born with. Lol please don't judge my narcissism.

And the reason I hate it is knowing how stereotypical people can actually be. So what if I say yes? Are you gonna judge me like how majority of the public does? And are all South Koreans suppose to go under the knife just because our country is famous for having skilful intelligences and high expectations for "beauty"?

I personally am neutral about this entire issue, I don't encourage people to alter their appearances through a knife, but if you're really that unhappy about how you look, and changing up your features can make you feel better, I'll support you all the way. You only have one lifetime, and why waste it by being constantly discouraged by your outlook?

And honestly speaking, I too have a few parts of my features that I wish to enhance, and I won't entirely discriminate the idea of going under the knife, but one thing for sure is that I will start slow and improve my complexion gradually, step by step.

Last month, I was invited to an exclusive aesthetic surgery workshop along with a few other bloggers at MCU Beautitudes at Sunway Pyramid, and that was when I discovered the possibilities of making myself more beautiful than I am right now. Though temporary, I think aesthetic surgery is the best way to find out how you would look altered without jumping into the boat with both feet, and if you like how it looks and wish to have your features altered permanently, then you can look for a plastic surgeon, or if you prefer your original complexion then you can stop at anytime. Just like having a temporary tattoo and a permanent one.

Live nose filler demo from the workshop on one of their very own staff. You can really tell the difference on the nose bridge.

I never knew you can enhance so many parts of your features just by aesthetic surgery itself, double eyelid, taller nose, slimmer jawline, sharper chin, higher cheekbones, brighter under eye and even removing gummy smiles, which I've chosen to do as my very first aesthetic surgery procedure.

(Picture taken back in 2012)

I'm turning 21 in December and have been suffering from the gummy smile issue since forever. Many of you might not have noticed, as I usually don't post pictures of me with my gummy smile on my personal pages, and only the ones that have met and talked to me in person would have seen it. Some people told me it's not a big issue and told me not to get it fixed, well easy for you to say because you're not the one with the gummy smile, I'm the one that has to live with it, and it bothers me so much because I feel very unattractive when I laugh and I always had to tone down my laugh just so that my smile isn't so gummy-looking, people would think that I'm so uptight whenever I do that, and I'm really tired of it, I just want to literally LOL without covering my mouth or whatever. 

The problem for having gummy smile is that my upper lip is way too thin, and the muscles on top of my upper lip are too active, so my doctor (Dr. Nicholas Lim from MCU Beautitudes) injected 4 jabs of Botox around that area to prevent my smile from going too high up.

If you're curious about the pain of the injection, I believe everybody's tolerance of pain varies, but for me, it felt like ant bites, pain but very much bearable. Oh, I did it without anaesthesia by the way.

I just got this done yesterday so the results aren't visible just yet, but in 10 days, which is the peak of the Botox taking effect, I'll be able to see the difference. Will update you on that 2 weeks later. But for the mean time, I can eat, sleep, breath normal and the injections have not affected my daily routine.

1 session of this can last me 3 to 4 months, and it's the perfect timeframe for me to analyse if it looks natural on me, if it doesn't I can stop, if it does then I'll most probably continue getting it, just like getting a haircut every now and then.

The most important thing is to consult your doctor before jumping into decisions, and make sure your doctor tells you everything he/she is going to do on your face. It's definitely a plus to have a doctor that cares about your appearance as much as you do and is able to give suggestions on how to improve it.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment box, or email me (add can be found in the side bar) if you're too shy. Till my next post!

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