Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Smile Update

Ok, remember that post where I talked about my take on aesthetic surgery to remove my gummy smile? If you missed it, you better read it first, click here!

It is the exact 10th day since my injections, which is fyi, the peak of the Botox taking effect and when you can really see visible results.

Took some silly smiling pictures yesterday to see the progress and I am impressed.

And I swear to God I was smiling really really hard, laughing literally, and my top lip just wouldn't go higher than 2mm from the top of my teeth. SO.FREAKIN.HAPPY.

I'm telling you, I'm gonna be smiling non-stop for the next 3 months, because unlike most of you out there who are blessed with perfect non-gummy smile, I have to pay and bear with ant-bites-like pain to get this smile, so don't ask me why when I'm smiling at you for no reason alright?

Will be going to MCU Beautitudes again this coming Sunday for a follow-up and see if there's any touch-up necessary. Shall update you again soon! See ya :)

 photo download.png
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