Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hair and More Sweet Deals by Chezz Technique

So recently, I got my hair done at Chezz Technique (Jalan Gasing outlet) as my hair was getting a little bit too boring, flat and lifeless, and my black roots were peeking through. Spent a good 3 hours there last Wednesday and this is the outcome.


Super straight and heavy with no layers, causing the hair on top to be real flat.


Went slightly lighter in colour, layered, and shorter, with subtle highlights on the ends.

I personally think it looks better with curls.

Now, here are the sweet deals Chezz Technique is kind enough to offer to all Guns & Glitters readers, for you all to celebrate the holiday season with fabulous locks,

1. Treatment (Hair or Scalp)
RM20 only

2. Chemical (Perm or Relaxing or Colour)
RM180 each
RM299 for 2
*Slight trims are FOC

All you have to do is mention my name: "Ashley Ahn"

[Valid until 31 Dec 2013]

Call now to make your appointment, or visit their Facebook page for more info!

Contact no.: 03-79602676, 03-79600010

Stay fab! <3

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