Friday, October 11, 2013

I Remember Now!

Remember when I said I don't remember what I've been busy with for the past month in my previous post? I finally recalled.

I was so addicted to this beauty channel on YouTube, called BeautyQQ, by a woman named Queenie Chan, that I would just sit in front my laptop and watch all of her videos for the whole day.

Queenie is such a free-spirited person with abundant creativity and passion for life. Her channel is mainly about beauty, but she would always inject a dose of positivity in the beginning or the end of her videos which never fails to brighten a dark mood and inspires me.

Her videos are super addictive, well, for me at least, you'll be amazed by her crazy ideas and viewpoints of life that lets you realise, hey life isn't actually that hard.

Plus, she's 41 and she doesn't look like her age at all, go check out her videos and you'll know what I mean. Her videos are mainly in Cantonese though :/

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