Sunday, September 1, 2013

Life of a Dior Model

This is such an outdated post, but better late than never!

I can't even really remember which month this was, but I was lucky enough to get hired by Dior to be their face model for their makeup show over the weekend at Mid Valley.

The reason I got this gig is all thanks to Li Ying (my boss) and Bazaar actually, because I was assigned to help out a Dior photo shoot earlier when I just got into Bazaar as an intern, and the Dior makeup artist saw my face and went all "oh my god you have the perfect face why aren't you a model!", a little exaggerated I would say but I was beyond flattered of course; and then, Karen from Dior remembered that and asked for my number from Li Ying so that she could contact me for this job, and being a Dior fan myself, how could I say no, right?

There were 2 shows each day, and all I had to do was sit on that beautiful Dior chair, in front of the video camera (which links to the big tv at the side of the booth), let the makeup artists put makeup on my face and look pretty, super easy job.

Zooms in super close to my face in HD too.

With the emcee.

And here's an instavideo of what really went on during the show.

Dior also just recently sent me a bunch of Dior products of my choice, so much love! <3

Definitely was a great experience even though my skin broke out like mad with all the makeup wearing and removing, but at least I can now tell my future children that their mom was once a Dior model ;)

Have a great week ahead, guys!

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