Friday, August 9, 2013

Not So* Spontaneous New Hair

For someone that is horrified of spontaneity, I would proudly say that I did something that scares me today. Spontaneously went to the hair salon, got it cut about 2 inches shorter and dyed it back to black which I've been contemplating for a while now, wait, now it sounds like it wasn't that spontaneous at all, maybe it really wasn't. Shit, now I gotta change my blog title.

And it isn't really black either, it's a very classy dark ash brown, it's great because it isn't as heavy-looking as a stark black, which I suspect will fade off to a lighter ash brown within a few washes,

I love love love the colour because I haven't had dark hair ever since I graduated from high school, have always preferred light and vibrant colours as a form of rebellion, but funny how I just want to stick back to the classics nowadays, the length is perfect as well, not too long not too short, my previous hair was getting a little out of control as it was too damn long for my liking, though I'm still trying to think of a new signature way to style it.

I figured slight tousled waves would be good, because the darker colours make me appear more mature, not that I need any more of that, I'm freaking 21with a physical age assumption of 25-30 years old (wtf right?), so I like how tousled waves give off a younger, more laid back feeling, that might help to make me look more like my age.

But anyway, I'm still experimenting on it and fingers crossed that I can figure out how to style this new mane!

Mosaic mirror studded tee from // midi lycra skirt from Topshop // white studded shorts from Zara

Great news! I just had a photo shoot with, where I get to style myself with all of their clothing, because I will be featured as their first ever Muse of the Month! Feeling incredibly honoured to be able to work with them. They will be announcing it on their sites soonish, so stay tuned for the pictures! I will put them up on the blog too, right after they announce it, shoooo excitedddd <333

Alright, gonna end this post with my song of the moment, talk to you lovelies soon :)

Lots of Love,
Ashley Ahn
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