Saturday, August 10, 2013

Not So Perfect Skin After All

The most received compliment I had, running against "You're so pretty" and "I love your hair", is "You have such nice skin". Hey, not bragging alright? Read on.

And, yes I've always thought that I have nice skin, never had any trouble with it, other than the occasional zits popping up here and there, but still, that was a once in a blue moon issue.

I never had to take super good care of my skin either, I ate whatever I want, piled on any makeup products I fancy, I had a really simple skincare regimen too (eye makeup remover, makeup remover wipes, cleanser, lotion, essence, cream, eye cream), and facials were almost once every 4 to 5 months.

Right until I started working and I wore makeup 5 days a week, I started having really bumpy skin around my cheeks area, which made me depressed and obviously isn't helping with my terrible skin condition. Everything was messed up.

I tried almost everything, changed my pillow case every 2 days, ate tons of fruits, changed almost my entire skincare regimen, I did see a little bit of improvements but nothing distinct. Couldn't stand it anymore so I went to my mom for help and she brought me to her usual beauty centre and the beautician recommended a detox facial.

All you have to know is, I went through a 2 hour PAINFUL extraction session, thanks mom for my high pain tolerance. Oh, and to those people who always go "Wahhh facial ah? So glam ah you?", it's not at all, ok? What happens in that cubicle is totally unglam, and you come out looking equally unglam. Let me show you (brace yourself),

You say glam or not?

This was how congested my skin was. Horrible right?

But the only good thing is that you can look forward to flawless skin after it heals completely.

This last picture was taken 9 days after the extraction and it took around 11 days for it to heal completely.

On the 12/13th day, I experienced peeling skin around the extraction area (this happened for both facials I did, so I'm pretty sure it's because of the healing and your body is regenerating new skin), used some exfoliating gel (Cure Natural Aqua Gel) and deep cleansing cream (Sothys desquacrem) , now my skin is as smooth as a baby's bottom.

This is my skin now, taken like 5 minutes ago, under the same lighting, same camera, no makeup (just eyebrow pencil), no photoshop, meituxiuxiu, or whatever.

Some friendly tips just in case you're going through this:
1) MUST WEAR SUNSCREEN! In order to avoid pigmentation on the wounds, which will lead to scarring that takes forever to go away.
2) AVOID TOUCHING YOUR FACE! Any types of pressure or friction will irritate your wounds and might cause inflammations.
3) KEEP YOUR FACE CLEAN! Change your pillow case and towel every other day, or if you're lazy like me, put fresh facial towel on your pillow case instead.
4) VITAMIN C! Fruits and veges, nuff said.
5) LOTS OF H2O! A.k.a water.
5) AVOID HEAVY MAKEUP! Your wounds need to breathe, so try avoiding thick foundation and opt for a light BB cream specifically for sensitive or post-surgical skin, like the For Beloved One that I love so much.

My skincare regimen is still pretty much the same, just that I focus more on cleansing because I've finally realised how important cleansing is.

Eyes & lips makeup remover > Makeup remover wipes > Cleansing oil > Cleansing foam > Lotion > Moisturiser > Essence > Cream > Eye cream

Every Saturday, I would use my exfoliating gel then my deep cleansing cream right after my cleansing foam, skip moisturiser, essence and cream and replace it with a mask, ending the whole process with my eye cream.

After this crisis, I appreciate the nice skin compliments even more, because I'm putting so much effort into taking care of it. Oh well, being a girl is hard work.


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