Monday, August 19, 2013

Lazy Food: Easy Peasy Pizza Bites

Everybody loves pizza, it's one of my ultimate favourite guilty pleasure. But it's such a hassle to make pizza dough and also you'll need a huge oven at home to make an actual pizza, unless you buy those frozen ready made ones, and you cut them up, well I admit, I would still eat frozen pizzas because they are pizzas after all, bad pizzas are still pretty good.

Anyhoo, pizza is a dish that you can never go wrong with, so today I'm gonna teach you how to make fun size pizzas, perfect as a weekend movie night snack! (Also a great way to get rid of your leftovers :P)

Easy Peasy Pizza Bites
(ok, I know they're not technically bite-sized but I love the name regardless)

Baguette/French Loaf
Cheese (any kind, I used normal cheddar slices)
Prego tomato based sauce
Sausages & bacon (you can use any toppings of your choice, example: pepperoni, tomato, mushroom, olive, pineapple, ham, capsicum, etc)

First you will need to prepare your baguette (I got them from Patisfrance @ Taipan, USJ for RM3, my favourite bakery!).

Cut them slanted into thin1-1.5 inch thickness.

(Sorry bout the newspaper mess in the background, mom was unpacking some bowls)

Prepare your toppings, in my case, I cut up my sausages into thin slices to slightly fry them up, and also, not forgetting the bacon (yummers!).

I cut my regular square cheese slices into halves and put them on top of the sliced baguette.

Slightly lather pizza sauce on top of the cheese, you can put more if you want to, I ran out of it so I had to make do.

Put your toppings on, freestyle baby.

Then, you put it in the oven for about 5-10 minutes and it should be done!

There you go, Easy Peasy Pizza Bites!

Good luck, lazy bums :)
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