Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ssup guys! I finally got the time to sit down in front of my laptop with full blast enthusiasm to blog, like finally. Because on usual days, when I get home from work and sit down in front of my laptop, I just wanna rest my brain and be entertained by other people, you know?

How am I? Why thanks for asking! A few interesting projects have been going on lately, and I feel incredibly blessed every single day. I've been surrounded by loving friends who constantly injects positivity into my system, and I guess that's all I need.

I'll be writing a short one today, because I still need to take some pictures of myself by myself, which I'll be showing you in a few days. I always feel like hitting myself whenever I have to use a tripod and take pictures of myself, because I bought a freaking camera with a flip screen that flips to the bottom, and it can't be flipped when I put it on the tripod because the bulky knob on the tripod blocks the flip screen, ok whatever, you probably don't even know what I'm talking about, so screw it. Should've gotten a side flip screen, but I'll make do :(

So, the story is, I received an email from few weeks ago, asking me to go redeem my complimentary t-shirt from their bazaar booth at Publika, which sadly ended last Sunday. If you haven't checked out their website, go click on the link now, because it's real dope. They basically provide customisable and affordable t-shirts, which for now is only limited to their patriotic I <3 Malaysia collection, but stay tuned because they have lots more exciting line coming soon.

I chose the tiger print heart design, which I'm guessing represents Harimau Malaya? I really hope it's not Maybank :S

This collection of t-shirts come in 20 different heart designs, each symbolising different Malaysian cultures; 2 t-shirt colour selections - Black & White; and 2 design options, whether you like it simple and clean like mine, or you like it patriotism-in-your-face with the "I <3 MY" design; last but not least, 6 different sizes ranging from XS to XXL for you to choose from.

I wore it with my high-waisted spiked denim shorts from, and vintage leather belt, when I went to The Steamboat at The Waterfront, DPC last weekend, with mommy dearest.

Oh god, staring at this picture makes me salivate. The tomyum gave me tummyache the next day but it was definitely worth it!

Alright, I better stop here and get to work! In the mean time, you can head on over to and get creative! Ta's!

Lots of Love,
Ashley Ahn
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