Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cropped Hoodie, Yay or Nay?

After seeing Miley Cyrus wearing the Dimepiece cropped hoodie, I really wanted to get one for myself, but then I figured it would be a crappy idea, despite the ridiculous amount of shipping fee to Malaysia, I  do have a number of hoodies in my closet that have just been lying there, forgotten.

So I took out my fabric scissors, and started cropping my regular Supreme hoodie, freehanded (Yeap, it's that easy).

And I guess I kinda love it!

All I did was cutting away the pocket and made it shorter at the front and longer at the back. Remember to stretch the hem so that your hoodie doesn't look freshly cut.

Miley Cyrus wearing Dimepiece Cropped Hoodie:

So, what's your answer? Yay/Nay?

 photo download.png
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