Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Butterfly Effect

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Last Sunday was my mom’s birthday, and during a 3-pax casual dinner at Hokkaido Ichiba, a random topic popped up, where my mom was telling her story when she was younger, where she applied to 2 different universities in Japan, and she was fortunately accepted to both, and how she had to choose between the 2 equally reputational universities.

It suddenly hit me. How this small little decision she had to make back then, would have affected her life, and even my life in the present. If she chose the other university, she wouldn’t have met my dad, and there wouldn’t be me at all, someone else might be living my life right now.

And I realized there are so many situations in my life that were very similar to this. If I decided to bail on that blind date, I wouldn’t have met this friend who is so dear to my heart now. If I chose to join a different club instead of the dance club, during high school, I wouldn’t have met AJ and Newnew. If I decided to delete my junk mails without double-checking, I would’ve missed out a lot of wonderful experiences. If I ignored my friend’s invitation to that movie blogging contest, I wouldn’t have met so many of my friends I have right now. If I didn’t follow my college friends to that nightclub, if that other school accepted me, if I didn’t transfer to another college in April, if I continued to study medicine, if I didn’t bring out the courage to talk to someone, if I decided to ignore someone’s text, if my parents and I continued staying in Korea, etc etc etc, my life would be far different from what it is at the moment.

It definitely is fascinating, but also scary to think about at the same time. Even when you just decided to stand on the sidewalk for an extra second, a drastic change, far from what you can imagine could’ve occurred in your life, or someone else’s life. 

But I believe everything happens for a reason, and I guess this is also the reason why I have huge issues with making decisions, especially in shopping. What? It’s the same thing ok?

Aunt (mom's younger sister), Mom, and I during mom's birthday dinner at Hokkaido Ichiba.

Who would've guessed I'm actually the daughter right? Why do they look so young? or why do I look so old?

Hope you're having your deep thoughts on the butterfly effect of life, share some of yours with me, I would love to read them!

Lots of Love,
Ashley Ahn
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