Monday, July 1, 2013

June Favorites

Half of the year has gone by, how did it... I can't even....

Say what?

Hope you all had a wonderful time during June, cause I certainly did!

Ok, let's not waste anymore time and get right into my June favorites, shall we? Before the whole year flies by.

1) My first favorite of the month, or more precisely, favorite of my whole life, my brand new MACBOOK PRO!

I know a lot of you guys with a Mac might be thinking, what's the big deal? But it's a super huge deal for me. I've always been a PC user, but have always wanted to switch to Mac ever since I started using my iPhone, and I've been using my Sony Vaio for almost 6 years now, it became really laggy and always unresponsive, but then I somehow got used to it and have adapted to how it behaves, so it wasn't a big issue and I gave up on the thought of wanting a Macbook. 

Until this really amazing person (an angel would be more appropriate), happened to my life.

I won't go into details, but my MacBook Pro was a gift from this angel, and I'm currently writing this blog post using my MBP! This feels pretty unreal and I'm still trying to get used to it, but anyhoo, I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!

Thank you so much <3333

2) Etude House Collagen Moistfull Cream.

I didn't tell anyone except my close friends and family about this, but I was suffering from horrible acne breakouts earlier, wasn't quite visible in pictures because they were mostly non-inflammatory ones, or more commonly known as white heads. Concentrated on the sides of my face (the part where you brush your bronzer from contouring), these annoying little buggers have been bothering me for months, and I was feeling very upset every time I look in the mirror.

Not knowing what's the cause of it, I tried practically everything I can to get rid of them. Changed my pillow case every other day, used fresh towels everyday, washed my make-up brushes everyday, changed to a new cleanser, a new foundation, I even tried not washing my face with cleanser but only tap water (yes I was that desperate), but nothing seems to be working, until I sort of gave up and just took random samples from my vanity drawer to slather on my face.

And I picked a sample from Etude House that I don't even know where I got from, which contains the exact cream from the picture above, and applied it to my face, just for the fun of it, not even expecting it would do me any good. But when I woke up the next day, surprise surprise, my acnes have gotten visibly better, it wasn't as bumpy and uneven as before, I saw hope!

Called Etude House the next day to reserve a jar, and I've been happily using it for weeks now. My acne condition is so much better compared to when it just happened, and I'm expecting full recovery within the next month.

3) Cure Natural Aqua Gel

Other than the Etude House Collagen Moistfull Cream, this is also one thing that helped with the improvement of my terrible breakouts.

Made out of all natural ingredients, this product gently exfoliates dead skin, for better absorption of whatever nourishing products you pile on your skin. It can be used on all parts of your body, it's so gentle it can even be used on babies. Always a bonus when a product is sworn by.

This exfoliating gel basically helped me get the most nutrients out of the Etude House Moistfull Cream, hence speeding up my breakout recovery process.

4) For Beloved One Melasleep Whitening Blemish Balm Cream

Now I'm not quite sure whether this can be purchased in Malaysia, but from what I heard, it's a brand from Taiwan, and a lot of Taiwanese celebrities love using their products, and I can totally see why.

I consulted my boss, Li Ying - the beauty writer at Harper's Bazaar - about what remedy she has that can hopefully cure my acnes, and she gifted me with this. Specifically made for sensitive and acne prone skin, this BB cream is by far the best I've tried so far.

I swear to you, I'm not being paid to say what I'm about to say. The texture is ultra smooth, and super easy to blend, I dot the BB cream all around my face and blend it using my fingers, it doesn't feel sticky or cakey AT ALL. Best thing is, it doesn't give you that white-ish pale complexion whenever you apply a one-shade-for-all BB cream, but rather, it gives you this glow that I never thought I can ever have, and you can really feel the difference. Great coverage too!

I suppose this was also the reason my acnes are improving because it contains ingredients that help heal scars, and the nourishing ingredients helped moisturise my face while wearing make-up. Love it!

5) MAC Pure Decoration

This has got to be my go-to summer lip shade of the year. Been on the look out for nude lipsticks for quite a while now, but just couldn't seem to find the perfect shade. Though I wouldn't quite call this an absolute perfection, yet it's close and there are other factors that made me fall in love with it as well.

It's a very peachy nude colour which I love, it isn't matte, but you can always go for the matte look by lightly tapping your lips with your ring finger after you've applied the lipstick, to reduce the shine.

It goes on pretty sheer, a love hate relationship right there. I always have a thing for super bright and opaque lippies, but those tend to make my lips look messy as if I don't know how to apply a lipstick, and I'll spend much more time polishing and cleaning up the edges, not to mention making your chapped lips and those fine lines look even more obvious (that's why lip balm is so important). But sheer lipsticks are wayyyy easier to work with if you need a quick touch up in the car.

6) L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream

I bought this last Friday when I was having dinner with Grace and Amy (If you're reading this, Hi girls!), purely because I noticed my hands and knuckles were so dry, it kind of hurts when I spread my hands real wide. I've been neglecting my hands a lot, because the only hand cream I have smells like shit, ok not literally shit, it smells real artificial and clinic-y (the smell of medicine), so I've always avoided using it the entire time.

But then I realised, you can't have a silky smooth face and a pair of old grandma's hands. So I went online and found out that this is the mother of all hand creams, without second thoughts, I bought it, it works wonders and smells like heaven. Pretty pricey for a tube of 30ml (it was RM38), but then it's so moisturising you'll only need a small amount.


THIS THING IS A-MAZING, DID YOU HEAR ME? 'A'-MAZING! Ok, I might be slightly exaggerating but it totally deserves it, by the way, the blender is suppose to be all black, but I HAD to take a picture right after I discovered how incredible this thing is, and I spent 10 entire minute trying to recover from my blown mind, so I haven't got the time to wash it yet.

It saved me so much time and energy in blending my foundation, bb cream, or even concealer, giving me that flawless finish. You know how foundation brush, sponge, or your fingers, will sometimes give you uneven coverage and visible streaks, which are very unflattering to look at, but the seamless design of the beautyblender makes everything so much easier!

I've seen many Youtube beauty gurus going craycray about this, and I've always wanted to try it out, but I realised it's not so popularised in Malaysia yet, so it was pretty difficult to get my hands on one, until I went to's press lunch the other day at Melur & Thyme, Suria KLCC, and the Luxola team was kind enough to give me a set to try out! Love them so much! <3

So girls, if you're interested to get one for yourself, or even your girlfriends, you can get it here at

A hearty meal at Melur & Thyme, Suria KLCC.

8) Antabax Hand Sanitizer Spray 

Ok, I know this is sorta random, and most of my close friends would know this, but I'm this crazy sanitizer freak. I wouldn't say that I have OCD, because I HAVE to keep my hands clean at all times, or else my sensitive skin (especially the skin around my eyes) will swell up into bumps that are similar to mosquito bites if I touch (even just a tiny scratch with my pinky) my face with my not-even-that-dirty fingers, and sometimes it wouldn't even stop there, it will progress into a full blast sinus reaction (just so you know, I've been living with this sinus problem since young, and if it starts, I would most probably be sneezing the whole day, sucks, I know).

But, this hand sanitizer spray isn't actually for my hands, because I have the squeeze-out ones stocked up at my house for my hands already. This one is for my personal belongings that I have to touch all the time, such as my phone, sunglasses, steering wheel, spectacles, laptop, camera and so on. 

No, I don't spray directly on the item, I would spray a few pumps on a dry cloth, and wipe gently. I figured hand sanitizer would be gentle enough to not destroy the item's surface, and I guess I was right. I sanitise as frequent as I can, because I am allergic to dirt, but if you don't have such problem, I recommend sanitising once a week, especially your phone! I know a lot of people put their phones on the mamak table, public seats and god knows where, and you're holding it almost 24/7, imagine all the germs crawling on it and when someone calls, you'll be putting it on your face, grossed out yet?

9) Shoe heightener? 

I actually discovered this thing last year, and I've recommended it to some of my good friends, but I've never wanted to share it publicly, because I didn't want everyone to know that I cheat, haha! But it's too useful to keep it all to myself, so here goes nothing!

Most of the Koreans back in Korea uses this, but none of my Malaysian friends do, nor my Korean friends in Malaysia. This thing actually gives you hidden wedges, like those wedge sneakers? Except with this, you can give any of your covered shoes hidden wedges! The picture above shows the 2cm one, but I have them in many different heights, the thickest one goes up to 3.5cm (hey! don't judge!).

If you were wondering, they are extremely comfortable, and the width fits all of my shoes. Daiso sells them, but only in 1cm to 2cm, I got mine from 100yen shop, they are the only place that carries the 3.5cm one. But of course, you can always stack up the 1cm to make them 3cm, 4 or even 5 if you like, I won't judge you.

So, we came to the end of my June Favorites, I wish everyone a fantabulous July, And if you haven't checked out my awkward catwalk during the Luxe Swinger's Swinging In Style Blogger Fashion Show yet, watch this video now! Don't laugh at me k? Love you, bye!

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