Sunday, May 26, 2013

May Favorites


Hey all, it’s the end of the month again, and I’ve decided to share with you some of my favorite items from this month, not gonna limit them to just fashion or beauty products, so read on to find out!



Summer is right around the corner, so let me start off my May favs with my favorite bikini find. Picked out this pair of leopard print bikini/bandeau top and bottom from Cotton On, because I’ve been recently very addicted to the safari, wet-and-wild, jungle theme, plus I’m not the pastel dessert colors kinda gal.

DSC_0013 Ok, this next item, I’m pretty sure many of you have already seen or heard about it, and I’m not quite sure why I’ve been resisting myself to give this a go, but then I finally did, and OH EM GEE it certainly surprised me, in a good way. I’ve replaced my usual moisturizer with Bio-Oil (pour 3 to 4 drops on your palm, warm it up by rubbing both hands together and apply on your face), it absorbs amazingly quick and you can feel an improvement on your skin texture the next day. I’m also using it to remove the stretch marks on my tush, haven’t seen any improvement just yet but will let you guys know if it works in 3 months time.


Chanel Nail Color in 581 Cinema; Been really into red nails recently (you’ll know why later), and I love this classic shade of red, goes amazingly well with my skin tone.

Sally Hansen’s Dries Instantly Top Coat; Like, why didn’t I discover this earlier?? Used to hate wearing nail polish because it takes forever to dry, but this is godsent, it just opens up so many possibilities, and I’ll never be lazy to wear nail polish ever again.



My current go-to day scent, Laura Mercier’s Eau de Lune EDP; Got to try this out at the office and I fell in love, it is such a light, free and airy scent, with a touch of femininity, you know, the feeling when you dive into a field of flowers and breath in the fresh air with the warm sunlight?

I love this movie to the moon and back, I swear. I love everything about it, the story, the music, the costumes, the jewelleries, and oh god, the lines of course, everything is so hauntingly beautiful.My mind and soul refused to come back to reality after I watched the movie, for about a week, no joke.

The best song in the entire movie, Lana Del Rey’s Young and Beautiful, which is, of course, my current favorite song of the moment.

DSC_0010 Some of you may have already known that I’m currently working at Harper’s Bazaar, and my first writing is finally published in the June issue!

DSC_0012 It’s not that big of a deal I know, because it’s just a fraction of the Beauty News, but hey at least it’s something :D



I also got a bunch of beauty products to try out, more monthly favs coming up, stay tuned k?

Love ya, bye! Xx

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