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If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you might have already noticed my shout-outs for Love, Bonito. If not, here’s a brief introduction on the brand itself.

Love, Bonito, is one of Singapore’s biggest online fashion retailer as of now. The brand was founded by three passionate fashionistas slash bloggers, Vel, Rach and Viola.

For me, a Love, Bonito girl is someone who possesses qualities such as sophistication, positivity and independence, she is also fun, romantic and sweet, and of course, very fashion conscious. Love, Bonito carries products ranging from tops, dresses, bottoms, outerwear, basics, swimwear to accessories such as shoes and bags. They even have a special “Bridesmaids” section which I found rather special as I’ve never seen it on any other online fashion boutiques, and I have to say those bridesmaids dresses are incredibly beautiful, to be honest, I’ve already fell in love with some of those dresses and imagining them on my future bridesmaids.

Ok, enough crazy wedding lady talk. I’ve been given 4 products from Love, Bonito to try out, and honestly, I am loving each and every single one of them. Because usually when I purchase something online, there’s higher the chance that it won’t fit me right, unless the item belongs to the higher end category, but Love, Bonito products are really affordable and they all fit me like a glove.

The quality of their items are AMAZING, and also, they provide measurements for all of their sizes, which I think is something really important for an online boutique to acquire, so that customers can make sure that the clothing they are about to purchase fits them correctly.

So, this first dress is called the Cordelia dress, I realized all of their clothes have really beautiful names.


2013-01-19 13.07.35 2013-01-30 12.54.23

Anyway, this is a very sweet looking tribal patterned stripe dress in pink. What I love about this dress is the hidden pockets and also the material, which is not too stiff but firm enough to hold its tulip shape and not fly around to embarrass you when the wind blows, I’m sure you know what I mean.

Next up, it is the Curtis blouse in Vermilion. Basically a chiffon top in red with sheer details and unique sleeve designs around the shoulder.

2013-01-30 12.59.37

2013-01-30 12.55.57

I love how it is so versatile and I am able to mix and match it with so many different things for any occasion.

Following is the Reyanne romper, which will be featured in their upcoming collection Orient VII.

If I were to choose my favourite type of clothing, it would be a romper. Why? Because it is a top and shorts in one, it is fun, it can be casual and formal depending on the print and material used, it is dressy yet still not as restrictive as a dress/skirt, and it flatters all body types. Greatest fashion invention of all time, hands down.

2013-01-30 13.04.31

2013-01-30 13.08.092013-01-30 13.09.302013-01-30 13.10.34

Last but not least, the Levine dress (COVET), also to be featured in their upcoming collection. I guess it is about time I own a decent dress like this to attend a wedding dinner or some sort. I recently realized most of my dresses are in black, even though I absolutely LOVE black, but sometimes it gets a little too heavy for the eyes, and I don’t really fancy loud coloured pieces, so this colour is an absolute perfection.

2013-01-30 13.01.11

2013-01-30 13.02.46

2013-01-30 13.01.53

Loving the lace see through detail on the shoulder, this adds a hint of sexiness into such a lady-like piece. It is also in the perfect length, because of my short bulky legs, anything that cuts below my knees makes me look 10 times shorter.

Here are the links to the items I’ve mentioned above, just in case you would like to purchase them as well.

Cordelia Dress -

Curtis Blouse -

As for the Reyanne Romper and Levine Dress, check them out in the teaser album for their latest upcoming collection Orient VII on their Facebook page.

Their current on-going promotion is FREE South East Asia COUNTRIES DELIVERY (CODE: FREESHIPASIA), which will last until the end of February, so hurry up, enjoy free shipping to your doorstep and start stocking up for your new CNY clothes! All at Love, Bonito.


Do ‘Like’ and follow them on their Facebook page too, as they have a series of giveaways and contests lined up for all of you fashionistas to participate.

Happy shopping! XO

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