Saturday, January 5, 2013

Golden State of Mind

Hey peeps, how’s your first few days of 2013 doing so far? Mine’s great, it’s been really eventful and productive, but I’m also getting sufficient amount of rest, which is perfect!

Will be sharing you some random photos I’ve taken recently, and I’ll just go ahead and let the pictures do the rest of the talking.


2012-12-20 20.44.33

Last lunch with my ex-housemate Fianne before she heads off to Singapore for studies :’(


2012-12-17 15.05.35

Selfie while heading to Markets @ Jaya One

(Wearing my marble cross earring which stole the title of my accessories of the month)

2012-12-07 21.52.03A picture with my best bro friend DJ A-Wee during Pioneer’s DJ Battle @ Mist Club, Bangsar. Fyi, he was the 2nd Runner up for the competition, prouds*

2012-12-08 04.04.42  2012-12-05 13.39.03 “Some serious vintage shitz going on here”

Vintage everything in this picture.


2012-12-02 19.00.05

2012-12-15 22.55.30 Nailzzz.. nuff said.

2012-12-02 17.35.42 LOVE <3

2012-12-16 02.00.06

Have I mentioned how much I love breakfasts?

More soon, so stay tuned.

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