Friday, December 21, 2012

Vivi x Isetan Japanese Styling Workshop

2012-12-15 22.28.58

Hey hey! So as promised, this is my post about the styling workshop I attended last week.

The reason I got to attend this workshop is because I participated in the Japanese street style contest organized by Vivi and Isetan, and I was 1 of the lucky 10 winners (yay! very happy cause I usually don’t have the luck to win any competitions).


2012-12-15 14.22.42

The workshop was conducted by a Japanese fashion stylist called Chiharu Kikuchi-san, she is so petite and so friendly in person!

She taught us the way Japanese people would most likely style themselves, and also the Japanese fashion trends going on right now. All the 10 winners shared our personal knowledge and style in fashion. It was basically a really fun and casual workshop, despite Chiharu not being able to speak in English, we were still able to communicate with the help of the translator.

Even though the styles Chiharu Kikuchi-san showed us weren’t exactly my cup of tea, there are still some elements that can be adopted and put into my daily coordinates, I guess that’s the absolute beauty of fashion, there’s no right or wrong.

2012-12-15 22.05.47 Took a picture with her in front of the surreal Tokyo street backdrop.

2012-12-16 02.28.23 This is our prizes for being the winners!

Whole set of Aquamoist skincare (a girl can never have enough skincare products, oh and shoes too), November issue of Vivi mag, Majestic Legon’s 2013 planner and a Be@rbrick phone strap <3

2012-12-15 22.44.25  Went to Ben’s for late lunch after the workshop and felt so lucky because BF and I got to sit at the most demanding table in the whole restaurant because of the great view outside the window without any reservation.

It was definitely one whole day filled with magical blessings :D


Denim shirt: vintage

Grey sweater: flea market

Leather skirt: Cotton On

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