Monday, December 31, 2012

My Big Two-O

Hey beautiful, how was your holiday? Mine went pretty great, as always. Year end holidays are always my favourites, because it not only includes Christmas, New Years, and also my birthday which falls on Christmas Eve.

A lot of people gets mesmerized when I tell them my birthday because it falls on such a beautiful day, but I have a strong love-hate relationship for this particular day. First of all, not to sound shallow or anything, but people always combine my birthday gifts and Christmas gifts in one, so every single birthday when I’m receiving my birthday presents, I am giving out presents as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love giving people presents, I love seeing their happy faces whenever they receive them, but also, I love receiving presents too. Most of my friends get 2 presents, 1 for their birthday and 1 for Christmas, but I get only 1, double the present double the joy, get it? Why do I get to open only 1 present? I know it’s the thought that counts blablabla I don’t care about how expensive the present is, even if you buy me 2 chocolate bars instead of 1, and put small post-its on them labelling them into “Birthday Present” & “Christmas Present”, I’d be damn happy. Two is ALWAYS better than One.

And Second, everywhere is packed like ****! I’m happy everyone is enjoying and celebrating Jesus’ birthday, but hey, it’s also my birthday too :’( and I absolutely HATE crowded places, makes me anxious.

Third, what’s up with the Christmas menu, restaurants? It annoys me so much when I go to my favourite restaurant, sit down, open the menu, set up my tongue palette to consume my favourite dish, and you tell me “Oh sorry miss, we don’t serve our regular menu today, would you like to try our Christmas set?”

I’m very picky when it comes to food, I don’t have second choices. Restaurants, I respect your marketing schemes and all, but please don’t ruin MY night. Some restaurants do keep their regular menu AND their Christmas menu for the sake of people like me, so props to that!

So, back to my birthday this year. Overall, everything went pretty great, I usually celebrate my birthday for 1 whole week because I celebrate it with families, this group of friends, that group of friends and my boyfriend. But just taking my actual birthday into topic, it was a pretty eventful day I have to say, went to Pavilion, watched Life of Pi and cried like a bitch, did a little shopping, bought a huge red velvet cake, brought it back to boyfie’s house, went out for Jap BBQ, then to Library where my friends ordered a flaming lambo for me (how sweet of them), and back to boyfie’s house to cut the cake at 12am. A day well spent, right?

Didn’t take much pictures though, mostly food. So skip this if you’re hungry.

2012-12-22 20.22.05_副本 Lamb cutlet from La Bodega, Empire Gallery


2012-12-29 18.24.48_副本

What’s a birthday when you don’t get a bowl of your favourite ramen? At Goku Raku Ramen.

2012-12-29 18.23.38_副本 Their specialty gyoza.

2012-12-29 18.51.17_副本

And their Rare Cheesecake, which I recommend sharing with at least 2 people, because it’s so cheesy it gets a little…you know.

DSC_0285_副本Yakiniku at Pandan Indah. *Drool* Must go back there again, stinky hair and clothes? As if I give a f***.

2012-12-24 21.36.37

Mind if I insert a small OOTD description here? Didn’t take a full bod pic, so this is the best I can come up with.

Snake skin collar and cuffs blouse: Macau

Triangle necklace:

Gold long necklace: Forever21

2012-12-24 12.21.30_副本

My birthday brunch at Watami, Pavilion.

2012-12-24 12.21.45_副本 Ordered their hotpot agedashi tofu. Not sure if you can see it but the sauce is still bubbling. Nobel prize worthy *applause*

2012-12-24 12.19.32_副本Well-fed fat girl is happy!

Ok, so you’ve made it through the diet spoiler! Hooray!

Now here’s the present part that we all love. (Disclaimer: In no way this is showing off, this is my blog and I expect you to share my happiness with me)

2012-12-25 13.13.40_副本

I actually bought this on my birthday at Typo, it’s a super mini Christmas tree, because my house never had a proper Christmas tree, I know this ain’t quite one, but it’s close. And also because Typo was having this crazy sale, you’d never have guessed that I got the tree and a box of multicoloured baubles for RM5.50 each! What a steal!

DSC_0239_副本 Chanel No.5 from the mother. Need I say more? So damn freaky dinky happy! Happy isn’t quite the word to express how I feel, ecstatic or thrilled is better.


And this is my present for mommy. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence aka Miracle Water, they have this special box and free gifts just for Christmas, worth every single cent!

If you do follow me on Instagram you might have seen me posting a picture of my Isabel Marant’s, yea that was a present I got for myself because that’s how much I love me.

Also a lot of other presents from friends and family too that I have yet to take pictures of, doesn’t mean I don’t love you guys, or your presents, I just didn’t really have the energy to place them nicely and take hundreds of pics till I get the perfect one. I appreciate every single gifts and wishes (even from you, stranger) very very very much!


Moving on,

2012-12-25 11.02.16

Here’s my huge ass red velvet cake. Ok, it’s not huge ass, but I always buy cakes in pieces so I guess I forgot how an actual complete cake looks like.

2012-12-25 02.43.04

2012-12-25 10.54.44



That’s it for my 20th birthday post! Hope you’re enjoying the last day of 2012 as much as I do! See you next year!

“And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.”- Luke 6:31

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